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Cruz 'Apologizes' to New Yorkers

He's sorry about all the liberals they have to deal with

(Newser) - Ted Cruz, facing a huge backlash for his "New York values" comments, issued an "apology" to New Yorkers on Friday—not for anything he said, but for the liberal policies they have to live under. "I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let... More »

Bloomberg: Take the Stairs, Fatty

Executive order requires the stairs get highlighted in new construction

(Newser) - Bloomberg's latest health crusade won't force New Yorkers to take the stairs, but it will encourage the climb. Even as the race is on to succeed him , New York City's mayor has unveiled an executive order requiring new city buildings (and those undergoing substantial renovations) to use... More »

Some New Yorkers Work Out 3 Times Daily

Boutique gyms push them hard and charge bigtime

(Newser) - Think you're in shape? Then meet the New Yorkers who endure—sorry, enjoy—two or three workouts a day, along with a full-time job and whatever family or social life they can fit in. “It’s New York, and I think that everyone’s always just trying to... More »

New Yorkers Support 'Occupy'

More than two-thirds say they back the movement

(Newser) - New Yorkers clearly like seeing a few nerves rattled on Wall Street. In fact, 67% of those asked in a new survey say they support the Occupy Wall Street movement, and 87% back protesters' right to camp out as long as they observe the law. Support fell along party lines,... More »

Flasher Messes With Wrong New Yorker

Perv wearing condom cornered by cell phone posse

(Newser) - Don't mess with New Yorkers. That's what a subway perv discovered when he pressed up against a feisty redhead who went ballistic when she noticed he was flashing her—and wearing a condom, reports Jezebel . She furiously announced the assault to her fellow passengers—who promptly also began filming the... More »

'Poor' TARP Wife Unmasked, Tarred, and Feathered

(Newser) - A snooty “confessions of bailout wife” piece has the web’s gossip-mongers in a frenzy, with New York magazine leading the way in divining the anonymous author’s identity. By process of elimination, Jessica Pressler determines, the woman behind the “eye-rolling details” of foregoing birthdays at Michelin-rated restaurants... More »

Gay-Marriage Ruling Belies Iowa's 'Bumpkin' Image

(Newser) - No doubt you snobby big-city, coastal types did a double-take last week when Iowa legalized same-sex marriage, but the state has a long tradition of avant-garde social positions, Rex Huppke writes in the Chicago Tribune. Its university was the first to admit women, it allowed mixed-race marriages 100 years before... More »

Matt Dillon Clocked at 106 mph

Crash star faces possible 3 months in Vermont jail

(Newser) - Actor Matt Dillon was arrested for speeding after a police radar caught him zooming northbound on a Vermont highway at 106 mph, reports Reuters. The Crash star was driving a rented 2009 Chevy Impala in a 65 mph zone. Dillon, 44, faces up to three months in jail and a... More »

70% of New Yorkers Want Spitzer to Resign

If he doesn't, 66% want him impeached

(Newser) - New Yorkers want embattled Gov. Eliot Spitzer to resign from office—or they’ll throw him out, reports the AP. A poll yesterday found 70% of state residents want Spitzer to quit; if he doesn’t, 66% say he should be impeached. "It's a big thumbs down," said... More »

'Get Some' Condoms Free in NY

City hopes hipper packaging, dispensers encourage residents to 'get some'

(Newser) - Last Valentine’s Day, New York City unveiled the “NYC Condom,” a free prophylactic designed to make safe sex cool. Today, the program gets a facelift with new packing for the condom—and an ad campaign that urges New Yorkers to "get some." “Good design... More »

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