Paul Volker

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Volcker to Chair an Economic Recovery Advisory Group

Ex-Fed Chief tapped to advise on topics from wages to recovery

(Newser) - Former Fed chief Paul Volcker will run a new non-partisan White House economic advisory board being crafted by president-elect Barack Obama, reports the Wall Street Journal. The group, to be comprised of independent experts, will give Obama a channel of economic advice that falls outside Washington's traditional bureaucracy. More »

Big Biz Takes Stock of Obama

Democrat's limited record friendlier than CEOs might think

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s Potomac victories put him into stronger position to claim the Democratic presidential nomination, something business leaders are just wrapping their heads around, Business Week reports. So far, they’re not sure what an Obama administration might mean, but he’s earned kudos from billionaire Warren Buffett, former... More »

2 Stories