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Fake Steve Jobs: Leave Jobs Alone

No, the public doesn't have the right to know and this isn't a teaching moment

(Newser) - Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence, and we should all just ... let him be absent, writes the guy who's spent the better part of the last few years tweaking the Apple guru. None other than Fake Steve Jobs, aka Dan Lyons, has put his blog on hiatus... More »

Fake Steve Jobs to Write Online TV Series

'iCON' to be a satirical take on Silicon Valley life

(Newser) - Fake Steve Jobs is heading to TV: Online television and film network EPIX has tapped Dan Lyons, creator of the blog The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, to create a Silicon Valley comedy series with Seinfeld writer Larry Charles. The half-hour show, which will air on the cable channel and... More »

How Steve Jobs Avoids Tiger's Predicament

'I just can't stand other people,' Apple chief might say

(Newser) - We’ve all got an opinion on the Tiger Woods saga, but now comes one that really matters: Steve Jobs’. Or, actually, the blogger known as Fake Steve Jobs , who fills us in on why the Apple chief would never be in such a mess: “The reason I’ve... More »

GoogleTV Heads List of Best New Internet Hoaxes

Glowing Mountain Dew, UFOs also make list

(Newser) - The Internet probably doesn’t need more false information, but some of the recent hoaxes have been so good that ComputerWorld had to recognize them. Here’s their list of best new tomfoolery:
  • GoogleTV made thousands log into GMail over and over and over.
  • Many thought the UFO Haiti video
... More »

4 Stories