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Blue-Collar White Women Shift to Obama

Economic worries overcome key group's reservations about Obama

(Newser) - America's "Jane Sixpacks" are leaning toward the Democratic ticket in growing numbers, the Wall Street Journal reports. White, working-class women voters make up nearly a quarter of the electorate, and polls are finding that the economic crisis is convincing more voters in this vital group to back Barack Obama,... More »

McCain Needs Clinton-Style Rebranding

Repub must become a fighter

(Newser) - John McCain desperately needs a dose of the strategy that kept Hillary Clinton competitive with Barack Obama during primary season, Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru write in the National Review. McCain should adopt a “conservative version of her occasional theme of a ‘fighter for you’”—the... More »

Europe Can't Wait for Obama

But supporters know that too much love might hurt him in America

(Newser) - Europe is brimming with excitement for the arrival of Barack Obama next week, but his supporters are hoping not to hurt him with too tight an embrace, the Los Angeles Times reports. British, French and German polls show strong support for Obama, but as the Guardian warned, “To be... More »

McCain Insider: Economic Woes Merely 'Mental Recession'

Phil Gramm calls US a 'nation of whiners'

(Newser) - One of John McCain’s top economic confidantes said yesterday the country is in a “mental recession” and the US has “become a nation of whiners,” constantly “complaining about … America in decline.” The Democratic National Committee moved quickly to condemn Phil Gramm’s remarks—... More »

Gay Marriage May Yet Emerge as November Wedge

Muted reactions thus far obscure truths

(Newser) - Despite the relatively muted national reaction to California’s approval of gay marriage, same-sex unions still matter to Americans and may yet become a wedge issue in November on par with their decisive role in 2004, Politico reports. Last time around, the controversy grew slowly after Massachusetts' legalization in 2003.... More »

...And 5 in Oregon

Politico : State seems 'tailor-made' for Obama

(Newser) - Oregon voters' sympathy for "the cool, cerebral type" bodes well for Obama in today's primary, according to the folks at Politico, who bring us five things to watch for in the Beaver State:
  1. How quick will it be called?—Oregon is three hours behind the eastern seaboard, but the
... More »

Oregon Demographics Typify Dem Divide

Can Obama reach blue collars? Can Clinton get past them?

(Newser) - Oregon’s primary tomorrow finds the Democratic race at its most typical, with Barack Obama hoping to get a bigger slice of the blue-collar vote and Hillary Clinton trying to break further into the white-collar one. The progressive, urban, western part of the state and the rural east have little... More »

Is Obama Playing It Too Safe? Is Clinton Really Finished?

Where Barack's missing out and what Hillary needs to do

(Newser) - John Edwards’ endorsement may have helped Obama turn the page on recent troubles, but pundits say he should face up to them—or he leaves an opening for Hillary to climb back in:
  • Sure, it was a “rational, prudent decision” to skip West Virginia, David Broder allows, but it
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Edwards' Endorsement Is No Game-Changer

Move was inevitable, says Newsweek analyst

(Newser) - John Edwards’ endorsement of Barack Obama may “hammer another nail into Clinton’s subterranean coffin,” but it won’t do much to sway primary voters, Andrew Romano writes in Newsweek. Had Edwards taken a pro-Obama stand a few months ago, it might have helped the senator with blue-collar... More »

How Obama Should Run Out the Clock

Go abroad, write policy —and take a break, insiders urge

(Newser) - Being stuck in political limbo is no excuse for not looking ahead, especially when your opponent has a head-start. Per the Washington Post, here’s what insiders say Barack Obama should do until it's official:
  • Go to the Middle East: Try though he may, Obama can’t fully reassure Jewish
... More »

Dowd to Obama: Don't Blow Off W. Va. Loss

Gotta fight for these voters before bias is 'set in concrete'

(Newser) - Barack Obama may have the nomination all but wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean his electoral problems are over, Maureen Dowd writes in the New York Times—and feigning indifference that the Mountain State gave him a raspberry last night isn't a winning strategy. If Obama wants to capture... More »

Does W. Va. Blowout Really Hurt Obama?

It's all about whether he can woo those pesky blue-collar white voters

(Newser) - Barack Obama's West Virginia loss by a whopping 30 points probably won’t cost him the Democratic nomination, writes John Dickerson in Slate. But the loss does put a chink in Obama’s argument that he can unite disparate groups, since, apparently, these powers have failed him among at least... More »

Mac's 7-Point Anti-Obama Plan

McCain has already revealed his campaign strategy

(Newser) - John McCain has already unveiled his campaign plan over the past few weeks, Michael Scherer reports in Time. Here's how it looks on paper:
  • Pull Obama off his pedestal. Mac is not “blessed with such personal greatness that history has anointed me to save my country," he has
... More »

Just About Out of Ammunition

Clinton made mess in NC—and has all but lost her crucial blue-collar argument

(Newser) - The pundits agree that Hillary Clinton barely has a leg to stand on, though explanations vary:
  • John Dickerson writes in Slate that Barack Obama closed the door on his blue-collar problem, shaking off the elitist label. Evidence is that Obama barely lost among poorer voters and actually won in “
... More »

Clintons Aim for Suburban Voters in NC

Bill carves rural niche, where 'it doesn't get complicated'

(Newser) - Urbanites in North Carolina prefer Barack Obama, while rural voters side with Hillary Clinton—which is why she spent all weekend trying to sway mixed regions like small cities and far-out suburbs. Obama, meanwhile, is counting on a hidden strength with country folk and his far-reaching publicity machine to win... More »

Teamsters, Obama Deny Quid Pro Quo

Support for ending oversight preceded union's backing

(Newser) - Before winning the Teamsters’ endorsement, Barack Obama said he’d support ending government oversight of the union, an unusual stance for a presidential candidate, reports the Wall Street Journal. An independent board has policed the historically organized-crime-influenced Teamsters since 1992; Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Al Gore left the matter... More »

No More Mr. Nice Elitist

Bud-swilling Obama will connect with blue-collar votes if it kills him, Dowd writes

(Newser) - Barack Obama is trying his darnedest to shed the elitist vibe, writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times, ditching his dainty sips at a Pennsylvania brewery for big swigs of Bud at an Indiana VFW. But for a man of mixed race and a blue-collar upbringing, it’s proving... More »

How Obama Won Blue Collars in Wisconsin

Repeat in Indiana could wrap things up

(Newser) - Given Barack Obama’s much-ballyhooed problems with white, working-class voters, it's instructive to remember that he clobbered Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin by 17 points in February, notes Mike Madden in Salon. If he can reconnect with those voters in Indiana—another state close to his Illinois home—he could wrap... More »

Obama Shifts Blue-Collar Strategy

Visits church, b-ball court amid town-hall stumping

(Newser) - Moving to beef up his appeal to blue-collar voters in Indiana, Barack Obama is changing the tone of his campaign there, trading big rallies for more intimate town-hall sessions; the weekend included stops at a Methodist church and a basketball court, the New York Times reports. “I’ve got... More »

Obama Aide: Dems Don't Win White Working Class Anyway

Bill Clinton pounces on comments in NC

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s top strategist yesterday downplayed the demographic that sank his candidate in Pennsylvania on NPR, noting that the “white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years.” Added David Axelrod: "This is not new that... More »

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