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Chicago Valedictorian Gets Into 26 Colleges

Arianna Alexander settles on the University of Pennsylvania

(Newser) - For many high school students, deciding on a college comes down to one or two schools. For Arianna Alexander of Chicago, it came down to more than two dozen—including most of the Ivy League. Chicago's WLS-TV reports that after being accepted to 26 schools (including six Ivies), the... More »

Cantor Cancels Campus Speech Amid Protests

He pulled out after learning it was open to the public

(Newser) - Eric Cantor canceled a planned speech today on the gap between America's rich and poor after learning it was going to be open to the public—and that Occupy protesters planned to show up in force. Cantor had been due to speak at the Wharton Business School in Philadelphia... More »

So How’d the Donald Do in School?

Nobody's really sure, but possibly not as great as he led us to believe

(Newser) - Donald Trump heard that President Obama "was a terrible student, terrible," who probably pulled a fast one to sneak into the halls of ivy, but Justin Elliott over at Salon isn't so sure the Donald should be chucking rocks inside his glass house. "Trump has allowed... More »

Is a Bull Market on the Horizon?

Lower rates and commodity prices and stocks that looks cheap could trigger a run

(Newser) - Apocalyptic attitudes abound, but weed through the financial doom and gloom and you'll find a few economists who think we've bottomed out, and that a bull market is up next, writes Michael Hiltzik in the Los Angeles Times. The Dow has dropped 34.6% in the last year, but recent... More »

Heeeeeeeeere's Donald!

Trump bails out Ed McMahon

(Newser) - Billionaire Donald Trump is giving a helping hand to 85-year-old Ed McMahon, who was about to lose his Beverly Hills home to foreclosure. Trump is buying the 6-bedroom house, listed at $4.6 million, and leasing the property back to McMahon so he can continue to live there, the Los ... More »

Best Undergrad Biz Schools

Wharton keeps the top spot for undergraduate business education

(Newser) - The financial world may be on its ear, but undergraduate business schools are booming as increasing numbers of quality high school grads drive up standards and B-school grads command more on the employment market. Here are the 10 best, as ranked by Business Week:
  1. Pennsylvania (Wharton): Can be too competitive.
... More »

For Sale: My Seat in Class

Wharton's auction system among solutions to overenrollment in popular courses

(Newser) - It beats sleeping overnight outside a professor's office—as some do at Stanford—but should students buy their way into popular classes? The University of Chicago thought not, removing one student's ad hawking a slot in Freakonomics author Steven Levitt's course. Penn's Wharton School has a more capitalistic view, the... More »

7 Stories