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Artificial Sweeteners May Cause Weight Gain

Though one expert warns there's not enough info to place all blame on artificial sweeteners

(Newser) - If you think you're avoiding artificial sweeteners because you don't put them in your coffee or tea, think again. These additives are found in everything from yogurt and baked goods to sauces and diet colas, per the CBC , with "a lot of people ... consuming them in foods... More »

Your Chewing Gum Is Making Your Dog Sick

Common sugar substitute xylitol can even be fatal to pups

(Newser) - If Snopes and scientific studies aren't enough, perhaps reports at the Wall Street Journal , CBS News , and Nature World News can sway you: A sugar substitute found in chewing gum and other everyday food and household items can make dogs sick and even kill them. Veterinary experts say xylitol—... More »

Forget Corn Syrup: Now It's 'Corn Sugar'

Makers hope name change will ease consumers' minds

(Newser) - The backlash against high-fructose corn syrup has finally led its makers to try out a new name: corn sugar. The Corn Refiners Association wants people to know that—according to its marketing campaign—"whether it's corn sugar or cane sugar, your body can't tell the difference. Sugar is sugar.... More »

Sugar Makes Comeback on Corn Syrup's Bad Rep

Nutritionists slam food makers' efforts to sell sugar as the healthy choice

(Newser) - Sugar, once a nutritional outcast, is back in fashion as American consumers start to turn away from high-fructose corn syrup, the New York Times reports. Manufacturers are rushing to replace the syrup—used in everything from soft drinks to spaghetti sauces—with sugar, and selling the switch as a move... More »

FDA OKs Natural, No-Calorie Sweetener

Coke, Pepsi will have stevia products soon

(Newser) - Get ready for a barrage of soft drinks and foods using the term stevia. The FDA today gave its blessing to use of the zero-calorie natural sweetener derived from the leaves of a South American bush, the Chicago Tribune reports. Coke and Pepsi will have drinks on the shelves soon,... More »

Shoppers No Longer Sweet on Corn Syrup

Consumers rebel against chemical sweeteners

(Newser) - High-fructose corn syrup still sweetens everything from soda to sauces, but its makers fear that sour days lie ahead. The Corn Refiners Association has launched a marketing campaign to win back consumers who claim the sweetener is less healthy than cane sugar and just as caloric. Corn syrup's detractors even... More »

Substitutes Not All Sweetness and Light

Zero-calorie sugar stand-ins may cause weight gain, study says

(Newser) - Cutting back on sugary calories could make you gain weight instead of lose it, a study suggests. Scientists at Purdue University compared rats fed either zero-calorie saccharin or sugar, and found that those on artificial sweetener gained more weight—mostly in fat, Time reports. Animals appear conditioned to respond to... More »

7 Stories