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N. Korea's Spies Took Her in '77. Trump Wants to Help Find Answers

President to meet with parents of Japan's Megumi Yokota, snatched at age 13 to serve as tutor

(Newser) - Forty years ago, a Japanese teen was abducted while walking home, one of at least 17 people kidnapped by North Korea in the '70s and '80s to serve as language and cultural tutors to the nation's spies. Now, President Trump has plans to meet with Megumi Yokota'... More »

Seoul Responded to Latest Pyongyang Launch Within Minutes

Test shows Guam is now in range, experts say

(Newser) - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for "direct actions" against North Korea from oil suppliers China and Russia after the country launched another missile over Japan early Friday. China and Russia "must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own,"... More »

N. Korea Launches Missile That Lands Near Japan

It traveled 45 minutes and 620 miles

(Newser) - North Korea continues to defy warnings to quit messing with missile tests, this time with an apparent launch into the sea near Japan, the AP and Reuters report. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the missile, which was launched Friday night, looks to have landed in the country's exclusive... More »

Another Test Increases Worries Over North Korea

Pyongyang performs second ballistic missile engine test

(Newser) - "North Korea is continuing its activities to sophisticate its missile capability," a rep for South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff says, and the latest report from CNN seems to back that up. It cites two unnamed defense officials in reporting that North Korea performed another test of... More »

Shinzo Abe Headed to Pearl Harbor to 'Comfort Souls'

It will be first time a Japanese leader has visited the site in Hawaii

(Newser) - Right after Christmas comes a first for the US: a Japanese leader will visit Pearl Harbor. The Straits Times reports that PM Shinzo Abe will be in Hawaii for two days at the end of December to meet with President Obama, and he'll make a stop at the site... More »

Japan Close to Nixing 70-Year Ban on Fighting Overseas

Protesters demonstrate against parliamentary reversal of 'defense only' stance

(Newser) - Japan's parliament today attracted protesters and opposition lawmaker walkouts after its lower house voted to allow the country's military to fight overseas, a power eschewed since WWII, the New York Times reports. A package of 11 security-themed bills supported by PM Shinzo Abe and the US—and given... More »

Stunned Japan Slams ISIS' 'Unforgivable Act of Violence'

As PM Abe comes under fire for apparent execution of Haruna Yukawa

(Newser) - Japanese PM Shinzo Abe today blasted ISIS' apparent execution of hostage Haruna Yukawa as an "outrageous and unforgivable act of violence" and wasted little time in demanding the release of Kenji Goto, reports the New York Times . While the US and Japan are both still in the process of... More »

Japan to ISIS: We Won't Pay Ransom for Hostages

Country wants extremists to know its money isn't 'aimed at killing Muslims'

(Newser) - Japan says it's exercising every diplomatic channel in the wake of ISIS' video threat to kill two Japanese hostages, emphasizing that the funds it's contributing to the international effort against the group are "not aimed at killing Muslims … and that [ISIS] shouldn't harm the two... More »

Why Japan's Shinzo Abe Is World's Best Leader

Noah Smith: He's setting an example across all fronts

(Newser) - Quick, name the world's best leader. Some familiar names might flit through your head, but Noah Smith at Bloomberg suggests one that probably didn't: Shinzo Abe of Japan. In his second go-round as prime minister, Abe has shined on everything from the economy to social reforms to foreign... More »

Obama in Japan: Diplomacy, Sushi, Soccer With a Robot

Obama pledges to defend Japan in dispute over 'rock'

(Newser) - President Obama guaranteed that the US would protect Japan if its dispute with China over the Senkaku Islands comes to blows, a serious moment in a conspicuously fun Tokyo trip. Obama said the islands have historically been administered by Japan, and that a US treaty "covers all territories administered... More »

China Seizes Japanese Ship Over Debt ... From 1936

Move could harm business ties: Japan

(Newser) - China has seized a Japanese cargo ship, saying the move is tied to payment that's been missing since 1936. At that time, Japan leased a pair of Chinese ships which later sank, the BBC reports, citing Japan's Kyodo News. The "sudden seizure" of the ship, acknowledged by... More »

Japan PM Chucks Ban on Exporting Weapons

Country looks to maintain regional power balance

(Newser) - In 1967, Japan banned weapons exports—first to selected countries, then worldwide. Now, PM Shinzo Abe is ditching those rules, the New York Times reports. A key reason: As China exhibits growing military strength, Abe wants "to maintain the balance of power in the region," an expert says.... More »

Things Getting Frosty With Japan ... Over WWII

Japan broadcasting official: US made up 'Rape of Nanking'

(Newser) - Remember the "Rape of Nanking," which saw Japanese troops kill up to 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians, according to Chinese numbers, in 1937? Well the word from Naoki Hyakuta—newly-appointed to the board of governors of Japan's state broadcaster, known as NHK, and a personal friend... More »

Japan PM Visits Shrine, Thumbs Nose at China, S. Korea

Both are enraged over deliberate WWII snub

(Newser) - Japanese PM Shinzo Abe set off a diplomatic furor today with a visit to a shrine to Japan's World War II dead—including no shortage of war criminals—that has China and South Korea sputtering in rage. Dressed to the nines and appearing on live television, Abe entered the... More »

Japan Slammed Over 'Secret Executions'

2 executed in secret hangings, common in country in support of capital punishment

(Newser) - Japan secretly executed two men today, in the fourth round of such executions since Shinzo Abe took power last December. Justice Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki signed off on the secret orders for Mitsuo Fujishima and Ryoji Kagayama, both convicted murderers, who likely would have been told of their fates only hours... More »

Japan Sparks Furor With Bill to Boost Secrecy

Newspapers, demonstrators protest leak-prosecuting measure

(Newser) - Looking to boost Japan's role in the region and the world, the country's conservative prime minister has sparked an uproar with his plan to increase state secrecy. A bill that just passed the lower house of parliament would raise penalties on civil servants and journalists who leak sensitive... More »

Japanese PM Definitely Not Afraid of Ghosts

Cabinet says mansion not haunted ... but he still hasn't moved in

(Newser) - Here's a press release you don't have to issue every day. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe still hasn't moved into his official residence in Tokyo, and his Cabinet today released a formal statement assuring the public that it wasn't because the place is haunted, the AFP... More »

Japan, Russia Move to ... End WWII

Putin, Abe say it's time to finally settle Kuril Islands dispute

(Newser) - Japan and Russia have decided to have another stab at forging a peace treaty that will bring World War II to an official end. Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe at the Kremlin yesterday, and the first top-level summit between the countries in about a decade... More »

Japan to Fire Back Up Its Nuclear Plants

PM says new standards could come as soon as July

(Newser) - Japan isn't going to let one catastrophic meltdown scare it off of nuclear power forever. The country will restart its idled reactors later this year after implementing new safety guidelines, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told parliament today. Abe didn't say when the first reactor would come online, but... More »

Looking for a Real Recession? Try Japan

Once-booming economy stumbles, yet people are 'indifferent'

(Newser) - While economists squabble over a possible US recession, Japan has quietly slipped into one. The country’s postwar riches have all but vanished, the Washington Post reports, as its GDP tumbles from fourth to twentieth among the world’s countries and its share of the world’s economy dips from... More »

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