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Yeah, She's a New Yorker. You Got a Problem With That?

Guess what: 80% of Americans also live in metro areas

(Newser) - Conservatives, desperate for some angle from which to attack Elena Kagan, have found a particularly distasteful one, complaining that she's a longtime New Yorker in a court that already has a couple, and hence can't understand the experiences of Americans in the “heartland.” It's an irritating meme, “... More »

Mexican Heroin Seeps Into Rural US

Mexican cartels push the drug into the heartland

(Newser) - As the battle between drug cartels and law enforcement rages in Mexico, traffickers are gaining footholds in America's Heartland. Ohio saw heroin-related deaths spread into 18 new counties between 2004 and 2007, just one indication that dealers aren't limited to big cities. "It's like going to pick up beer,... More »

Heartland Tornadoes Kill 7 in Arkansas

Severe storms and hail also hit Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri

(Newser) - Severe storms spawned twisters in America's heartland today, knocking out power, toppling tractor-trailers, and killing seven people in Arkansas, the AP reports. Up to 25 tornadoes also hit Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, a state where hail smashed windshields and storms derailed railway cars. “It just seems like we’re... More »

Wall Street Sneezes; Heartland Catches Cold

Worries about a recession are hitting home with Americans

(Newser) - The high-profile economic woes plaguing Wall Street and previously hot housing markets are spreading, raising the possibility of the worst recession Americans have faced in years. The New York Times crisscrosses the country, assembling anecdotal evidence—suddenly thrifty brides, unsold construction equipment, sinking earnings at FedEx—that suggests the slowdown... More »

Boom Time on Heartland Farms

US farmers strike it rich satisfying ethanol, export demands

(Newser) - The US economy may be teetering on a precipice but agriculture is enjoying what one industry analyst is calling a "golden age" after decades of decline, with bountiful harvests of crops and profits. The boom is fueled by the soaring demand from ethanol producers and to fill grain orders... More »

Green Tech Boosts Heartland

Advances no longer limited to America's coastal cities

(Newser) - Green-tech venture capital is still concentrated in coastal urban centers, but middle America is catching up. Silicon Valley, Massachusetts, and Washington state are among the top five hotspots, but so is Texas and the nation's agricultural heartland, reports CNET, which tracked the money fueling startups and university research. More »

6 Die in Heartland Ice Storm

Missouri declares state of emergency

(Newser) - Six people died on slick roadways yesterday as a killer ice storm gripped heartland America, turning sidewalks and highways into ice rinks, grounding flights and downing power lines. The storm turned a swath of the nation frigid from the Southern Plains to the Great Lakes, and even colder weather threatened... More »

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