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Toddlers Squeeze Into Skinny Jeans

Diaper-friendly styles for kids setting retail trend

(Newser) - Chubby diaper-wearers and skinny jeans don't sound like a great combination but retailers say their lines for little kids are selling fast. Adult-style clothes for kids, including skinny jeans for tots as young as 3 months, have been helping keep the children's apparel sector healthy amid declining sales elsewhere. Retailers... More »

Celebrity-Mad Moms Shell Out for Designer Baby Duds

Parents spend big bucks to dress kids like the babies of the stars

(Newser) - Sales of designer baby clothes are booming as parents keep a close eye on what the offspring of the famous are wearing, the Wall Street Journal reports. Stores are getting cleaned out of outfits after pics appear of a celebrity tot like Suri Cruise wearing them. More »

UK Retailer Blasted for Kids' Push-Up Bra

Chain places Item next to undershirts for 7- and 8-year-olds

(Newser) - A British supermarket chain is coming under heavy criticism for selling a padded bra in its children's clothing section, the Daily Mail reports. The plunge bra is displayed next to undershirts and other items intended for 7- to 8-year-olds. "I was shocked when I saw it," said one... More »

Kids' Clothes Give Teacher a Real Headache

Swedish school bans stripes, polka dots to ease migraines

(Newser) - Bad news for Pippi Longstocking wannabes—a Swedish preschool has banned striped and polka-dotted children's clothing because the patterns trigger one teacher's migraine headaches. The ban is driving some fashion-conscious parents dotty, but the school's principal defends the teacher's right to "an appropriate work environment," reports the Local ... More »

4 Stories