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Scientists May Have Found Migraine Trigger —in Our Mouths

Oral bacteria could be the key

(Newser) - Certain foods like chocolate, wine, and processed meats have long been linked to migraines, and while nitrates in those foods are often seen as the culprit, it's not entirely clear why some people are more susceptible to ensuing headaches than others, reports Quartz . Now scientists are reporting in the... More »

That Headache? Could Be What You Ate

Even 'healthy' foods can cause headaches, expert say

(Newser) - Blaming your headache on stress, lack of sleep, or that extra drink you had last night? All are possible causes, but researchers say that ordinary foods can cause headaches as well, the Wall Street Journal reports. The biological links are poorly understood—and one person's yummy snack may be... More »

Plastic Surgery May Cure Migraines

(Newser) - A novel plastic-surgery procedure on the forehead could cure migraines entirely, Time reports. The surgery removes certain muscles—or “migraine triggers”—around the trigeminal nerve branches, which some think are the source of the painful headaches; it also smoothes wrinkles. In a recent study, more than half of... More »

Migraine Sufferers Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

(Newser) - Finally, some good news for migraine sufferers: Those awful headaches come with a reduced risk of breast cancer, according to a new study. The researchers aren’t sure why that would be the case, but they suspect a connection with estrogen and other hormones. “It’s pretty clear... More »

Warmer Weather Triggers Migraines

Jumps in outdoor temperature linked to increased migraine risk

(Newser) - A new study adds weight to the belief held by many who suffer migraines that weather changes can trigger headaches, Bloomberg reports. Harvard researchers compared weather data against the records of 7000 patients diagnosed with severe headaches and discovered the risk of headaches rose 7.5% for every 9-degree rise... More »

Hypertension Linked to Fewer Migraines

High blood pressure may interfere with pain signals

(Newser) - Beta blockers and other medications that lower blood pressure are routinely prescribed for migraines, but now a new study has discovered that people with high blood pressure had 40% fewer headaches. "This is a paradox," the lead researcher told WebMD. One possibility is that high blood pressure interferes... More »

Kids' Clothes Give Teacher a Real Headache

Swedish school bans stripes, polka dots to ease migraines

(Newser) - Bad news for Pippi Longstocking wannabes—a Swedish preschool has banned striped and polka-dotted children's clothing because the patterns trigger one teacher's migraine headaches. The ban is driving some fashion-conscious parents dotty, but the school's principal defends the teacher's right to "an appropriate work environment," reports the Local ... More »

7 Stories