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Issues, Schmissues: GOP Just Wants a Winner

Polls show policy is taking a back seat to beating Obama

(Newser) - The fight for the Republican nomination is unusually light on issues this time around, the Los Angeles Times finds. Polls show that Republican voters, by a 2-to-1 margin, care more about whether a candidate can defeat President Obama in a general election than whether his (or her) stand on major... More »

Plouffe's Advice to Dems: 'No Bed-Wetting'

Party can do fine in November if it sticks to its principles

(Newser) - Democrats are surely in for a "white-knuckled" ride in the November elections, but it doesn't have to be the doomsday everyone's predicting, writes David Plouffe. Obama's former campaign manager lays out his advice in a Washington Post op-ed, with "no bed-wetting" among his suggestions. "Instead of fearing... More »

These Hot-Button Issues Need Pressing in Last Debate

Abortion, Supreme Court among issues ignored in McCain-Obama encounters thus far

(Newser) - There's just one debate to go, and a surprising number of "hot buttons have gone unpressed," writes John J. Pitney, Jr. in the National Review. A search of the previous debates' transcripts turned up plenty of topics that demand a visit:
  • Abortion: “So far, nobody has even
... More »

In '08, It's the Issues, Stupid

For once, 'superficialities' won't win this election

(Newser) - Despite the accepted wisdom that “superficialities” win American elections, “substance is in this year,” writes Michael Tomasky in the Guardian. Just look at the public response to the debates and the financial crisis: Without zingers or folksy winks, Barack Obama and Joe Biden won the debates in... More »

Obama Cracks Open Lead on Economic Fears

Poll finds Obama leading McCain by 9%; Palin approval ratings falling

(Newser) - Wall Street's worries are working in Barack Obama's favor, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll. The candidate has opened up his first clear lead of the race against John McCain, 52% to 43%, with much of the boost coming from voters who see him as more capable of... More »

McCain Fumbles for Right Tone on Economy

Seeks to overcome charges he's out of touch, can't see trouble

(Newser) - John McCain struck his latest discordant note on Monday when he described the economy's fundamentals as "strong" even as the financial system shuddered under hammer blows. McCain swiftly backpedaled, calling America's workers its fundamentals, but the issue highlights the candidate's struggle to overcome Democratic charges that he's out of... More »

Why McCain Longs for 19th Century Fuels

He's making every debate, even energy, a 'cultural wedge issue'

(Newser) - Why are Republicans chanting "drill, baby, drill," a call for an outdated, 19th-century technology like fossil fuels? Because they are turning every political debate into a cultural "wedge Issue," Thomas Friedman writes in the New York Times—"including even energy policy, no matter how stupid... More »

Oops! Palin Didn't Visit Iraq After All

And her 'trip' to Ireland was a refueling stop

(Newser) - Contrary to earlier claims by campaign aides, Sarah Palin has never visited Iraq, a spokesman has conceded. The Alaska governor visited state troops in Kuwait and Germany and also stopped in Ireland last year. But she did not cross the Kuwait border into Iraq as previously claimed—and Ireland was... More »

McCain's a Mystery Even to Himself

He's fuzzy on number of houses, unreliable as his own spokeman

(Newser) - A mystery called John McCain lurks at the heart of the presidential race, Eugene Robinson writes in the Washington Post. The candidate remains "undefined" and "full of contradictions," Robinson writes. In fact, with McCain's bizarre admission that he isn't sure how many houses he has, "there... More »

Obama Ads Hone Attack in Key States

Wave of negative ads slams McCain on the economy

(Newser) - Barack Obama has launched a wave of hard-hitting ads attacking John McCain ads in key states, the New York Times reports. The ads, reflecting a new get-tough Obama, lambaste McCain for being out of touch with Americans' economic struggles. Some have criticized the ads for misleading voters, but Democratic strategists... More »

Bill Sad Over Hillary's Loss: Obama Adviser

Edwards' affair drowns out talk of Russia on Sunday shows

(Newser) - The buzz on John Edwards' love affair drowned out talk of Russia's conflict with Georgia on today's morning talk shows, Politico reports. On Fox News Sunday, an Obama campaign topdog said Bill Clinton is still reeling from his wife's primary loss, and Karl Rove claimed on Face the Nation that... More »

Candidates Keen to Quit Bickering

McCain, Obama each blame the other for negative campaign

(Newser) - John McCain and Barack Obama would prefer to steer the White House race out of the gutter and back onto the high road, writes David Broder in the Washington Post reports. In separate interviews, both candidates expressed frustration with the tone and direction of the campaign over the last two... More »

Candidates Shift Focus to Economy, Center Ground

Both turn their attention to finding solutions for housing, energy crisis

(Newser) - The presidential hopefuls are turning their focus to the home front—and the economy in particular—in the wake of Barack Obama's foreign trip, ABC News reports. John McCain criticized America's dependence on foreign oil yesterday while speaking in front of an oil derrick in California, while Obama hosted a... More »

With GOP Adrift, McCain Does Left-Right Shimmy

Candidate dances to keep conservatives, independents on his side

(Newser) - John McCain seems to be doing a sidestep between left and right while Barack Obama waltzes toward the center, Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post. On issues like energy policy, the GOP candidate lurches between riling the right and enraging greenies. Apparently feeling nostalgic, Milbank writes, "McCain's route... More »

High Court's Gitmo Ruling Raises Election Issue

Landmark ruling could be lightning rod for focus on the court's direction

(Newser) - The Supreme Court's ruling on Guantanamo detainees may put the court in the election spotlight for the first time in decades, Linda Greenhouse writes in the New York Times. The dramatic language of Antonin Scalia's dissent could be a signpost for conservatives worried about the court's course; because of the... More »

McCain, Obama Outline Dueling Economic Plans

Candidates differ sharply on how to get economy rolling again

(Newser) - John McCain and Barack Obama drew clear battle lines yesterday over a central election issue—the sputtering economy. McCain promised to boost the economy with tax cuts and reduced regulation, while Obama set out a strategy to help the hard-hit poor and raise taxes on the rich, reports the Washington ... More »

Why Gay Marriage Won't Be a Hot Issue in 2008 Race

Same-sex marriages were a hot issue in the 2004 election but times have changed

(Newser) - Same-sex marriage was a big issue in 2004 and may have nudged the Democrats towards defeat, Karen Breslau writes in Newsweek. The issue is back in the spotlight this election year but she can think of four big reasons why it won't matter as much:
  • Public opinion is shifting toward
... More »

Hillary's 3am Ads Ring Again; McCain Answers

Now pre-dawn spots raise alarm over the economy

(Newser) - The very-late-night caller is back and this time he's raising concerns about the economy. Hillary Clinton has recycled her now-famous TV ad featuring a phone ringing at 3am to hit John McCain—and McCain was quick to strike back with one of his own, USA Today reports. The ads question... More »

Obama Says He'll Sharpen His Attacks

He criticizes media for buying Clinton's claim of unfair treatment

(Newser) - Getting up off the canvas after yesterday's primary losses, Barack Obama promised to escalate criticism of Hillary Clinton over the next few days, targeting in particular her claim to be the candidate with the most foreign policy experience. "What exactly is this foreign policy experience?" Obama asked. "Was... More »

Hillary Wins in Texas, Ohio Built on Loyal Base

Women, Hispanics, seniors, working class & white men hand Hillary the edge

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton pulled off victories in both Texas and Ohio largely by wooing back her Democratic base, according to Politico. Exit polls show that Hispanics and white women favored Clinton, while blacks favored Obama by a huge margin, and white men were split—similar to Super Tuesday. But white men... More »

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