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UK's Ex-Chief Justice Rips Into Iraq Invasion

Newly retired judge lambastes US, UK as 'vigilantes'

(Newser) - One of Britain's most respected judges struck out last night against the invasion of Iraq, which he declared illegal and worthy of a "world vigilante." Thomas Bingham, who held the UK's equivalent post to chief justice, used his first speech since retirement to decry "a serious... More »

UK Acts to Boost 'Britishness'

Lord unveils proposals to strengthen citizenship

(Newser) - The British government is considering a set of proposals intended to increase British pride and strengthen citizenship. An American-style pledge of allegiance—to the queen, not the flag—a new holiday to celebrate "Britishness," and a citizenship ceremony for schoolkids are under review, the Guardian reports. The peer... More »

Saudis Killed Arms Probe Under Blair

Prince threatened to withhold terror info; predicted 'another 7/7'

(Newser) - The Saudi royal family threatened to withhold information about planned terrorist attacks on London unless British authorities suspended an investigation into corrupt arms deals, court documents show. Prince Bandar flew to London in December 2006 to warn investigators they faced "another 7/7," referring to the four bombs that... More »

3 Stories