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Asia, UK Challenge US Supremacy in Higher Ed

US still has more universities in THE's top 200 than any other country—for now

(Newser) - The United States is home to more top-level universities than any other country in the world, this year’s survey by Times Higher Education confirms, but its advantage may not last forever. Although 54 of the top 200 schools are in the US, Asia is making remarkable progress: Japan has... More »

World's First Cloned Wolf Dies

Cause of death a mystery

(Newser) - One of  of the world's first two cloned wolves has died due to unknown causes, reports the Korea Times. Snuwolf, 4, was found dead at South Korea's national zoo. Her identical sister, Snuwolffy, remains healthy. "Snuwolf had been in good condition," said Prof. Shin Nam-sik, a leader of... More »

Woman Orders Clone of Beloved Dog for $150K

Korean company says it's the first commercial order for a cloned canine

(Newser) - A California woman has placed the first order for a cloned dog with South Korean biotech firm RNL Bio, pledging $150,000 for a genetic duplicate of her dead pitbull, Booger, who once saved her from a dog attack, reports the BBC. Seoul National University scientists, who produced the first... More »

3 Stories