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How Obama Thinks He Would've Fared in a 2016 Run

'I think I could've mobilized a majority of the American people': president in David Axelrod podcast

(Newser) - In 2004, Barack Obama delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention and spoke of a united America . Now, in an exit interview published Monday, the president told one of his former advisers that had he been allowed to run for a third term in 2016, he would have... More »

Axelrod: Trump's Run Is Like Obama's

'It's so obvious, I'm embarrassed I missed it'

(Newser) - David Axelrod has been among those dismissing Donald Trump's candidacy as a joke all these months—until now. In a New York Times op-ed, Axelrod writes that it's dawned on him that Trump's run is very much like Barack Obama's 2008 campaign in one vital respect.... More »

Axelrod: Obama Hid Support for Gay Marriage in 2008

He was uncomfortable with his altered stance, writes top aide

(Newser) - It seems President Obama backed gay marriage long before he told us he was "evolving" . In fact, during the 2008 campaign—while he asserted that marriage was between "a man and a woman"—his private views were quite different, writes former top aide David Axelrod in his... More »

Perry: I Would Make Exactly the Same Call

Texas governor doubles down in his attack on indictment

(Newser) - Two days after being indicted Rick Perry is still calling the findings of the Texas grand jury little more than a political witch hunt , reports Politico . "I stood up for the rule of law in the state of Texas," he told Fox News Sunday. "And if I... More »

Italian Political Ad Blasts David Axelrod as 'Axl Rose'

White House guru gets into Italian politics

(Newser) - David Axelrod lost a mustache, but gained a ... headband? President Obama's campaign guru, who shaved his 'stache for charity, is now advising a candidate for the premiership of Italy—where opponents have compared him to Guns 'N' Roses frontman Axl Rose, Politico reports. An ad attacking Axelrod'... More »

David Plouffe: Immigration Reform Will Happen

But gun control will be a 'hard battle'

(Newser) - David Plouffe today sounded bullish on immigration reform, saying "there's no reason" that "it shouldn't pass," and adding, "this is the moment." He was less sure on gun control, Politico reports, saying "it is going to be a hard battle," but... More »

David Axelrod Shaves 'Stache for Charity

Obama adviser loses 40-year-old mustache

(Newser) - For the first time in 40 years, Obama adviser David Axelrod is clean-shaven. On MSNBC's Morning Joe , Axelrod pledged during the election to shave his famous mustache if the president lost Pennsylvania, Minnesota, or Michigan. When Obama won all three states, Axelrod said he would still shave if the... More »

Feinstein: No Link Between Petraeus' Fall, Benghazi

Politicians suspicious of FBI role, plan to investigate

(Newser) - The election might be over, but the talk shows must go on and in case you hadn't heard, David Petraeus had an affair and quit his job as CIA chief, causing much gnashing of teeth and many protestations of shock—shock!—on your television dial. Without further ado,... More »

Axelrod Bets His Mustache on Obama Win

He'll shave the 40-year-old 'stache if prez. loses MI, MN or PA

(Newser) - This election's shaping up to be a close shave, and David Axelrod is taking that idiom literally. On Joe Scarborough's Morning Joe, the president's mustachioed adviser vowed to bare his upper lip for an uncurious world to see if Obama loses Michigan, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania, reports Politico... More »

McCain: Libya Worse Cover-Up Than Watergate

Political tongues wag over Sandy's effect on election

(Newser) - In a world gone mad over Sandygeddon , at least we can turn on our televisions and find the comforting spectacle of politicians bickering. The looming hurricane, the looming election, and Libya dominated today's political talk shows, with John McCain leading the GOP's charge on the White House's... More »

Rubio on 'Romnesia:' 'Very Cute, Mr. President'

Surrogates trade blows on Libya, Big Bird, binders

(Newser) - Team Romney came out of the gate swinging at President Obama's "Romnesia" jab, his handling of Libya, and the whole "binders full of women" flap, with surrogate Marco Rubio blasting away at all three. Addressing Romnesia , Rubio said, "that fires up his base," but for... More »

Team Obama: Mitt's Debate 'Masterful,' 'Dishonest'

Plus, more debate over Jack Welch

(Newser) - Team Obama was busily spinning Wednesday's debate today, with Robert Gibbs in one breath calling Mitt Romney's performance "masterful, masterful," and in the next slamming it as just that: a "performance" that was at best "fundamentally dishonest," reports Politico . "He did a... More »

Chicago Energy Firm Has 'Direct Line' to White House

Company co-founded by Rahm Emanuel enjoyed much access

(Newser) - In Chicago, Exelon Corporation powered Barack Obama's neighborhood. Now, in Washington, Obama's administration is powering Exelon. The company has a plethora of ties to the administration—it was co-founded by Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod used to consult for it, among others—so it's had easy access... More »

Conflicts Plague Tense Obama Campaign

New e-book, 'Obama's Last Stand,' chronicles internal battles

(Newser) - The brilliant cohesion that fueled Team Obama's 2008 campaign has given way to personal rivalries, political clashes, clumsy coordination, and a tense atmosphere in 2012, according to a new e-book called Obama's Last Stand. Published by Politico and Random House, the book reports that: More »

Right Cheers, Left Jeers 'Extremist' Ryan

'Excellent choice' or 'right-wing idealogue,' depending on who you ask

(Newser) - DC's finest wasted no time reacting to Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his runningmate this morning, with Republicans applauding as Democrats immediately pounced on the Wisconsin Republican. Highlights from your Sunday dial, as per Politico :
  • John McCain : Ryan is an "excellent choice," who won'
... More »

RNC Chairman: Reid a 'Dirty Liar'

Republicans pile on after Romney tax allegations

(Newser) - Today's big talk show topic: Harry Reid's speculation that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years . Republicans were on the attack, while Democrats defended Reid and/or urged Romney to just release his tax returns and end all the guessing games, Politico reports. Highlights from the Sunday... More »

Obama. Slogan. Infuriating. Grammar. Dorks.

Is that period effective—or even correct?

(Newser) - President Obama's re-election campaign slogan isn't just "Forward"—it's "Forward." And that little period is causing quite a bit of controversy, the Wall Street Journal reports. First of all, there's the question of whether the period takes away from the slogan's... More »

Aide: Romney 'Retroactively Retired' From Bain

Leave of absence became permanent, Gillespie tells CNN

(Newser) - Senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie muddied the waters further while trying to clear up the question of when Mitt really left Bain Capital. "There may have been a thought at the time that it could be part-time," Gillespie told CBS' Face the Nation when asked about Romney's... More »

NYT Scribe Defends White House Leaks

David Axelrod denies leaks came from White House

(Newser) - The public's right to know about the president and his policies outweigh secrecy and security issues, says David Sanger, the New York Times reporter behind one of two much-criticized articles on the White House's approach to national security, reports the LA Times . Sen. John McCain has repeatedly attacked... More »

Walker to Romney: Channel Reagan

Mitt needs to get serious about reform to win in November

(Newser) - Scott Walker, who's had to win a couple of elections in short order, has a little advice for the man who wants to abscond with the Oval Office come November: Win one with the Gipper . “I just hope he takes a page out of President Reagan’s playbook... More »

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