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After Dog Attack Kills Woman, Montreal Bans Pit Bulls

Even though officials aren't sure the dog was a pit bull

(Newser) - Starting Monday, residents of Montreal will no longer be allowed to own pit bulls "or pit bull-type dogs," the CBC reports. The controversial ban was put in place Tuesday by the city council, three months after a 55-year-old Montreal woman was killed by a neighbor's dog that... More »

City Demands Man Banish Newly Adopted Dog

Cops say Diggy is an illegal pit bull; shelter (and others) say he's a bulldog

(Newser) - Dan Tillery was so excited to adopt his pup, Diggy (nee Sir Wiggleton), who had spent 100 days in a Detroit shelter, that they made a music video and took a beaming photo together that went viral on social media. "We know this photo is going to break the... More »

Puppy Saved in Fire May Help Sniff Out Arsons

He suffered burns over 75% of his body in June

(Newser) - Black smoke was filling a burning shed in Charleston, SC, last June when firefighter William Lindler spotted a badly burned puppy within. Less than a year later, that puppy is now an honorary firefighter and the official mascot of the Hanahan Fire Department. After the 3-week-old pit bull, Jake, was... More »

Puppy Found Frozen to Death, Owner Arrested

'It appeared that it had been outside for quite some time'

(Newser) - A Michigan woman was arrested this week after authorities found her six-month-old puppy frozen to death in sub-zero temperatures, WWMT reports. Several neighbors called 911 about the pit bull puppy, which was tied up outside. “It appeared that it had been outside for quite some time, and they were... More »

Boy Left Home Alone Killed by Sister's Pit Bulls

Foster child was visiting half-sister over the weekend

(Newser) - Tyler Trammell-Huston was living with a foster family in California, but his only Christmas wish "was to have a mom. I so badly wanted to be that person for him," says his half-sister, Alexandria Griffin-Heady. Then tragedy struck: While the 9-year-old was visiting Griffin-Heady in Yuba County over... More »

Woman's Death Ruled Suicide by Pit Bull

But details of Rebecca Hardy's death are still murky

(Newser) - Rebecca Hardy jumped a fence and entered a backyard on Thursday in Port Huron, Mich., where she was mauled by two dogs and later died. It's been a mystery why the 22-year-old entered the yard, but the Oakland County Medical Examiner's office has now ruled her death a... More »

Postal Worker Saves UPS Guy From Dog Attack

Witnesses say rival probably saved Chicago man's life

(Newser) - The US Postal Service-UPS rivalry vanished yesterday in the face of a common enemy: an attacking and possibly rabid pit bull. Officials say that when a UPS driver in Chicago was attacked by the dog, a passing postal worker pulled it off him and held it down for more than... More »

Child Accidentally Calls 911, Family Dog Ends Up Dead

Zoey was an 11-year-old pit bull

(Newser) - It started with a child playing with a phone and ended with a dead 11-year-old dog. KGO reports on the unfortunate chain of events last night in San Francisco. A child apparently called 911, and officers were sent to the family's Bayview home. The family says their pit bull... More »

In US First, Dog Infects People With the Plague

The dog didn't make it, but all 4 humans recovered

(Newser) - It may have ended the lives of 25 million people in a single year in the sixth century, but the plague—caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis—is exceedingly rare in the US, infecting about seven people a year, per the CDC . But in what officials tell ABC News is... More »

Why Teens Tied Dog to Tracks: She Was 'Too Sweet'

4 face charges as Cabela continues recovery

(Newser) - Police say they've found the individuals who shot a pit bull and tied the dog to railroad tracks in Sulphur Springs, Fla. Teenagers Natwan Callaway and Bobby Hollinger, both 17, decided to "get rid of" female dog Cabela after she was purchased to fight other dogs, but was... More »

Owners of Dead Beagle Fight Suit Against Them

Emerald White agrees to drop her $1M suit

(Newser) - In late October, Emerald White's four pit bulls got into a neighbor's yard and killed the Baker family's 10-year-old beagle . And then White sued the Texas family. Court documents released yesterday paint a fuller picture, the Houston Chronicle reports: White alleged she was trying to collect her... More »

Family: Town Plans to Take, Kill Our Pit Bull

Moreauville family says Zeus is therapeutic, but he risks being put down

(Newser) - One family in Moreauville, La., says its beloved dog has never bitten or attacked anyone. In fact, the family with six children calls Zeus something of a therapy dog for daughter O'Hara Owens, who is in a wheelchair and suffers from severe neck problems that also have her in... More »

America Is Warming Up to the Pit Bull

Municipalities overturning bans, but some still say the dogs are dangerous

(Newser) - Once the scourge of the dog population, pit bulls are being slowly welcomed back, with communities across the country loosening their leashes and overturning bans on what USA Today says was once "America's most vilified pet." Since June alone, nine Midwest communities have struck down mixed-breed restrictions... More »

50 Pit Bulls Rescued in Dogfighting Raid

Animals recovering after breeding operation shut down

(Newser) - "When you see a piece of property that has 42 adult dogs chained up with tow chains using a tire axle to secure the chains in the ground ... they're probably not raising pets," a deputy told the Mountain Press after a raid that rescued dozens of pit... More »

Strange Find in Pocket of Drug Suspect: Tiny Puppy

'Pocket' is maybe 4 weeks old, getting ready for adoption

(Newser) - Police searching the pockets of a suspected drug dealer in Lawrence, Mass., got an unusual surprise. An officer pulled out a tiny pit bull puppy and handed it over to animal control. The little dog was separated from its mother too soon and got sick and dehydrated, but is now... More »

Pit Bull Saves Boy, 8, From Bee Swarm

Hades pulls Jesse-Cole Shaver to safety

(Newser) - Hades the pit bull is doing her part to ensure the breed's good name. When Jesse-Cole Shaver; his sister, Jasmine; and some friends were playing in the Oregon woods, someone stepped on a rotten log—and bees zoomed out to attack. Jesse-Cole, 8, was stung some 24 times, and... More »

Pit Bull Saves Deaf Teen From Burning Home

Ace is the toast of Indianapolis

(Newser) - Indianapolis has a new hero, but not the kind that wears a cape. This one has four legs and an affinity for bacon. Ace, a 2-year-old pit bull, woke up his deaf teenage owner by licking his face to alert him the house was on fire, say fire officials and... More »

Toddler Mauled by Pit Bull He Tried to Hug

Owner who left dog tied to pole arrested

(Newser) - A Colorado woman who allegedly left her pit bull tied to a pole in a parking lot and wandered off was arrested after the animal mauled a 19-month-old boy who tried to hug it. "The child went to give the dog a hug, and it latched onto his face,... More »

Judge Spares Life of Pit Bull

But dog that attacked boy must be defanged and never adopted

(Newser) - Mickey the pit bull can live, but he's getting the canine equivalent of life without parole. A judge in Phoenix today spared the dog's life but said it must be neutered, defanged, and placed in a rehab facility with no hope for adoption, reports the Arizona Republic . The... More »

Thousands Campaign to Save Dog That Mauled Child

Lawyer calls pit bull 'a poor, innocent dog'

(Newser) - A dog that mauled a 4-year-old Phoenix boy has received thousands of pleas for mercy through a Facebook campaign ahead of a court hearing to decide his fate. A municipal court judge could rule at a March 25 hearing on whether Mickey, a pit bull that bit Kevin Vicente in... More »

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