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Ring Links Vikings to Ancient Islam

Colored-glass ring is inscribed with either 'to Allah' or 'for Allah'

(Newser) - Those Vikings really got around: Not only did they land in North America long before 1492, they may have visited the Islamic world as well. As possible evidence, researchers say a ring from a ninth-century Viking woman's grave looks exceptionally Islamic, Science News reports. The silver ring was first... More »

Why Scandinavia Stinks at Figure Skating

Fault the Soviets, and other reasons for no medals since 1936

(Newser) - Though the Scandinavian nations generally fare well in the Winter Olympics, there’s a gaping hole in their success when it comes to figure skating (no medals since 1936), leading some bloggers to try to figure why. Some theories:
  • Blame the Soviets. During the Cold War, the Eastern Bloc sunk
... More »

Scandinavia Battles Genital Mutilation

African, Middle Eastern immigrants arrested after mutilations abroad

(Newser) - Scandinavian countries are hitting perpetrators of genital mutilation with heavy fines and prison sentences, even when the act is committed in other countries, Global Post reports. African and Middle Eastern immigrants who take their daughters abroad for genital mutilations—which are considered normal and even necessary in some cultures—are... More »

Iceland PM Wins Mandate in Crisis Election

Leftist coalition seeks EU membership after economy's collapse

(Newser) - Iceland's interim center-left government, which came to power in February after the spectacular collapse of the nation's economy, has won a resounding victory in a snap election, reports the Times of London. The "great, historic victory" was an endorsement of her plans to have Iceland "start thinking about... More »

Swedish Princess Will Marry Personal Trainer

Swedish couple met at a gym

(Newser) - In what sounds like a real-life Disney movie, the crown princess of Sweden lifted her country out of a glum mood—at least for one day—by announcing her engagement to her personal trainer, the Times of London reports. Crown Princess Victoria's fiancé has undergone a royal makeover: no more... More »

Britney to Front Furniture Biz

Spears' dad trying to wrangle endorsement deal with Danish line

(Newser) - Britney Spears, who once ditched a custody hearing to await a furniture delivery, may be going into the ottoman and end table business herself. In an attempt to salvage his daughter's bleeding fortune, Jamie Spears has spent two months on a deal whereby the struggling pop star would endorse a... More »

Kids' Clothes Give Teacher a Real Headache

Swedish school bans stripes, polka dots to ease migraines

(Newser) - Bad news for Pippi Longstocking wannabes—a Swedish preschool has banned striped and polka-dotted children's clothing because the patterns trigger one teacher's migraine headaches. The ban is driving some fashion-conscious parents dotty, but the school's principal defends the teacher's right to "an appropriate work environment," reports the Local ... More »

7 Stories