Iraq veterans

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You Can Make Dying Army Vet's Wish Come True

Iraq veteran Lee Hernandez is taking phone calls from strangers

(Newser) - The wife of a military veteran suffering from a terminal illness is soliciting calls from strangers to brighten her husband's last days. Lee Hernandez, an 18-year Army veteran who served in Iraq, is dying of an undiagnosed medical condition in hospice care at his home in New Braunfels, Texas,... More »

Government Trying to Fix Our Memories

Pentagon invests $40M in research into implants

(Newser) - It sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick: Direct brain recording, a shorthand for probing the brain to listen to its chatter. But the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is dedicating $40 million to this high-tech field to help the estimated 270,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war... More »

'Heroic' Female Cop Stopped Fort Hood Shooter

Ivan Lopez was being assessed for PTSD

(Newser) - The man who shot three people dead at Fort Hood military base before killing himself has been identified as Army Spec. Ivan Lopez, a military truck driver who was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Texas base's commander says the 34-year-old, who served in Iraq for four months... More »

Sniper Suspect Had 2 Stays in Mental Hospital

After shootings, Routh said he 'traded his soul for a new truck'

(Newser) - Eddie Ray Routh was taken to a mental hospital twice in the five months before he was accused in the murder of American Sniper author Chris Kyle and a friend, according to police records seen by the AP . The 25-year-old Iraq veteran was first hospitalized after threatening to kill his... More »

Broke Army Vet Sells Medal on eBay

Bill Shephard takes heat from sergeant upset by sale

(Newser) - An out-of-work veteran has found an enterprising means of supporting his family and starting a new business: selling his Army medal. It went for $5,200 on eBay today, skyrocketing from $2,000 a few hours earlier, My Fox Washington reports. "When i saw the amount that was posted... More »

45% of New Vets File for Disability

That's a huge jump from post-Gulf War numbers

(Newser) - American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are filing for disability benefits at a rate never seen before, causing many to worry about the physical and mental health of a generation of troops, reports the AP . Of the 1.6 million veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan,... More »

First-Ever Jail Opens Just for Veterans

Georgia sheriff says program cuts down on recidivism

(Newser) - In one Georgia county jail, military veterans will receive a special kind of treatment. The sheriff of Muscogee County says he's opening the first-ever jail dorm exclusively for veterans, where programs are designed to keep them from breaking the law once they're out, Fox News reports. "When... More »

Homeless Killer Suspect Accused of 2 More Murders

Itzcoatl Ocampo to be charged with stabbing Raquel Estrada, Juan Herrera

(Newser) - Authorities believe Itzcoatl Ocampo, the 23-year-old Iraq veteran charged with stabbing four homeless men to death in California, also killed two other people—ones that he knew. Ocampo will be charged today with the murders of Raquel Estrada, 53, and her 34-year-old son, Juan Herrera, the mother and brother of... More »

Suspect in Homeless Killings Is Iraq War Vet

Calif. man talked of hallucinations

(Newser) - A suspect detained for killing homeless people in Southern California is a mentally unstable Iraq war veteran who complained of hallucinations, the Los Angeles Times reports. When Itzcoatl Ocampo returned from service in 2010, "he was sick," his uncle says. But Ocampo never went to therapy appointments made... More »

Second Iraq Vet Hurt in Oakland Protests

Ranger suffers lacerated spleen during Wednesday's violence

(Newser) - Another Iraq war veteran has been injured in clashes between police and protesters in Oakland, reports the Guardian . One week after Scott Olsen suffered a fractured skull , Kayvan Sabeghi was hospitalized with a lacerated spleen, which he says was caused by being hit with police batons Wednesday night. "There... More »

Oakland Cops Face Inquiry Over Wounded Iraq Vet

City prepares for general strike

(Newser) - A city panel is launching a formal investigation into Oakland police following the wounding of an Iraq veteran in last week’s clash with Occupy Oakland protesters . The inquiry, sparked by a complaint to the Citizens’ Police Review Board, is due to begin within days and run “several months,... More »

Iraq Vet Wounded in Occupy Protest Wakes Up

Occupy protests around the country hold candlelight vigils for Scott Olsen

(Newser) - Scott Olsen, the 24-year-old Iraq war veteran who suffered a fractured skull when police raided the Occupy Oakland camp on Tuesday, is awake and lucid, and doctors have upgraded his condition from critical to fair, Reuters reports. “He’s able to understand what’s going on,” a hospital... More »

Just 1 in 3 Vets Say Iraq, Afghanistan Wars 'Worth It'

Another 1 in 3 disagree: Pew Research Center poll

(Newser) - Friday marks the 10th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan; with an eye on the decade-long effort, the Pew Research Center asks veterans: Were the Afghanistan and Iraq wars worth it? Just 34% of post-Sept. 11 veterans say yes, while another 33% say no (Afghanistan is considered slightly more... More »

Amputee Vet Killed in Coaster Accident

James Hackemer was thrown from ride

(Newser) - Rough story from the Darien Lake amusement park in upstate New York: A 29-year-old man who lost both legs in the Iraqi war is dead after falling out of a 200-foot-high roller coaster. James Hackemer lost his limbs to a roadside bomb in 2008 and just barely survived. "We... More »

Manning a 'Wreck' Army Shouldn't Have Sent to Iraq

Soldier underwent psych evaluations regularly, given to outbursts

(Newser) - Bradley Manning never should have been let near Iraq, much less the classified trove he spilled to WikiLeaks, reports the Guardian in a look at the Army private's mental health. "He was harassed so much that he once pissed in his sweatpants," says an anonymous officer from... More »

Breathing Trouble Dogs Middle East Vets

New study increases concern over respiratory issues

(Newser) - Why do so many young, previously healthy soldiers come back from the Middle East with respiratory problems, some so bad they can no longer pass a physical required for active duty? The question was made more urgent with the results of a new study showing that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans... More »

For Returning Troops, an Even Worse Job Reality

They're grappling with 10% employment; non-vets at 9.1%

(Newser) - The job market is obviously bleak—but it's even worse when it comes to troops returning from war. The Washington Post takes a look at the 2 million veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, who spent as much as 10 years, on and off, in desolate war zones, racking... More »

College Bans Vet for 'Addicted to Killing' Essay

Ex-soldier: Essay was 'therapeutic'

(Newser) - An Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who wrote that he was "addicted to killing" in an essay about his war experiences was banned from campus after his essay was published in his college newspaper. The Community College of Baltimore County told Charles Whittington that his writings "raised red flags,... More »

Marine Will Be Vet's 'Legs' in Marathon

HBO special inspires stranger to help fellow veteran

(Newser) - Two former Marines will demonstrate their solidarity in this weekend's Marine Corps Marathon, where Bryan Purcell will act as the "legs" of Eddie Ryan, an Iraq veteran who was paralyzed in combat, AOL News reports. Ryan, 26 was shot twice in the head in 2005, and while he's recovered... More »

Iraq Vet Kills Family, Himself

Matthew Magdzas left no note

(Newser) - An Iraq war veteran killed his pregnant wife and young daughter before turning the gun on himself, and police are having a tough time figuring out why. The bodies of Matthew Magdzas, 23, April Oles-Magdzas, 26, and 13-month-old Lila, along with their three dogs, were found Wednesday—the day April... More »

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