Lori Gottlieb

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Too-Perfect Parents Are Landing Kids in Therapy

Loving, supportive parents leave kids ill-equipped for adulthood, Lori Gottlieb writes

(Newser) - Working as a therapist upended everything Lori Gottlieb thought she had learned about parenting, she writes in an Atlantic piece certain to stir a Tiger Mom-sized controversy. Gottlieb found many depressed, anxious patients on her couch—who instead of recounting their horrible childhoods, waxed poetic about their loving parents who... More »

Looking for Mr. Good (Enough) Bar

Atlantic writer argues women should drop idealism and settle

(Newser) - Women in their 40s waiting for Mr. Right are "almost like teenagers who believe they're invulnerable to dying in a drunk-driving accident," Lori Gottlieb writes in the Atlantic Monthly. Gottlieb (single, 40ish), thinks women who shun "Mr. Good Enough" believing it's better to be alone are kidding... More »

2 Stories