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Why You Should Probably Avoid A Walk in the Woods

Robert Redford, Nick Nolte play travel companions in critic-splitting flick

(Newser) - An impressive cast including Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, and Emma Thompson can't save A Walk in the Woods , a new flick based on Bill Bryson's travel memoir of the same name. It's a trip better left untaken, according to most critics. (It's just below the 50%... More »

10 Celebs Who Won't Work Together

And, boo, list includes Captain Kirk and Mr. Sulu

(Newser) - Everyone loves a good celebrity feud: And these 10, rounded up by TheRichest , are reportedly so bad that the actors involved refuse to work together. Five standout pairs:
  • Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte's 1994 romantic comedy I Love Trouble was spark-free, and perhaps that's because they worked together
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Nolte's Son Busted in DUI

Brawley nabbed after California accident

(Newser) - Like father, like son. Nick Nolte's son Brawley has been busted in Santa Monica on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance, according to cops. The 23-year-old sometimes-actor, who played Mel Gibson's son in Ransom, was nabbed after an accident on the Pacific Highway and... More »

Nolte Flees $3M Malibu House Fire

Star suffers minor injuries

(Newser) - Grizzled actor Nick Nolte escaped with minor injuries from a fire that gutted the living room of his Malibu home, reports Reuters. The 67-year-old star of Tropic Thunder suffered smoke inhalation and scrapes when he tried to douse the flames with water from a garden hose. Fire inspectors believe the... More »

Celebs Who Dress (Way) Down

Wealthy folks who insist on dressing like they're poor

(Newser) - Just because they have tons of money and access to the hautest of couture doesn't mean they actually have to take advantage of it. Nerve highlights richie-riches who refuse to advertise their wealth with high-class duds. (Or sometimes showers.)
  1. Amy Winehouse: Even smokes crack "just to keep it
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10 'Yeah, Right' Movie Couples

These on-screen pairs lack chemistry or are just plain weird

(Newser) - The silver screen has seen countless memorable romances; unfortunately, it has also produced a host of bizarre on-screen hook-ups. Yahoo! Movies runs down the 10 worst:
  1. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte in I Love Trouble
  2. The original Bennifer in Gigli
  3. Anne Heche and Harrison Ford in Six Days, Seven Nights
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