Federal Reserve Bank of New York

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There's Gold in Them Thar Fed Vaults. We Think

Some suspect there isn't as much gold as the Fed claims

(Newser) - The New York headquarters of the Federal Reserve is either home to 6,200 tons of gold, a bunch of fake gold bars, or next to no gold, depending on whom you ask. The Fed has long claimed its vaults hold the world's largest gold stockpile worth as much... More »

North Korea May Have Ordered $81M Theft at NY Fed

Investigators find links to 2014 Sony hack: report

(Newser) - Investigators initially suspected the hackers who stole $81 million from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York last year while posing as Bangladeshi bankers weren't actually from Bangladesh. Now, they're apparently pointing the finger at North Korea. While investigators believe Chinese individuals or businesses carried out the attack,... More »

What You Earn for Life Likely Set Before You're 30: Report

Federal Reserve Bank of NY says bulk of earnings growth happens in one's 20s

(Newser) - Those who like predicting how much they'll have by the time they retire may want to peruse the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's latest research. The bank's report , which analyzed the careers of 5 million workers over four decades, found that it's the first 10... More »

Financial World's 'Ray Rice Video' Has Arrived

Regulators seem cowed by banks in recordings obtained by ProPublica

(Newser) - Those interested in why federal regulators seem unable to rein in big banks might want to check out a new ProPublica report and a companion piece airing on public radio's This American Life this weekend. The reports center on secret recordings made by Carmen Segarra, a Federal Reserve specialist... More »

Student Debtors Steering Clear of Auto, Home Loans

New Federal Reserve Bank of New York study shows declining borrowing rates

(Newser) - The well-documented and much-fretted over explosion in student loan debt could be doing serious damage to the housing market and auto industries, as graduates strive to avoid going deeper into debt, according to an analysis posted on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's blog . For the first time... More »

Germany to Withdraw 300 Tons of Gold From US

Country's reserves stored mostly abroad

(Newser) - Germany boasts gold reserves worth $183 billion—but two-thirds of the stuff is kept outside the country. Now, the country's central bank is set to make a heck of a withdrawal, including some 300 tons currently in a vault under Manhattan, stored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New... More »

Feds Open Vault, Double-Check Giant Gold Stash

Auditors drilling into Uncle Sam's NY Fed holdings

(Newser) - Have Die Hard-style criminal masterminds made off with part of the world's biggest stash of gold? Probably not, but the federal government has been quietly double-checking its holdings in the New York Federal Reserve's vault anyway, the Los Angeles Times finds. The fortress deep below Manhattan holds close... More »

NY Fed Kept Mouth Shut About Barclay's Libor Scheme

Staffers knew about rate fixing

(Newser) - Barclays admitted that it was rigging Libor to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York back in 2008—and the New York Fed, and its then-head Timothy Geithner, told precisely no one. Geithner has said he sounded the alarm on Libor in 2008, and indeed, the Fed did suggest reforms... More »

Geithner Questioned Libor's Credibility in 2008

He sent email to Bank of England honcho, among others

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has certainly earned the right to say "I told you so" to British authorities about the Libor rate-fixing scandal , but lawmakers are wondering whether he could have done more to prevent it. Geithner was running the Federal Reserve Bank of New York when he pushed... More »

Fed Knew of Libor Scandal Years Ago

Raising the question: Why wasn't anything done?

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve Bank of New York knew something fishy was going on with the Libor rate as far back as August 2007, it has revealed. "We received occasional anecdotal reports from Barclays of problems with Libor," a spokesman said in a statement. The following spring, before any... More »

Man Charged With Stealing $9.5M of Computer Code

Bo Zhang accused of pilfering Treasury software

(Newser) - A Chinese computer programmer has been charged with stealing software code worth $9.5 million while working at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Prosecutors say Bo Zhang, a Chinese citizen who worked for a technology firm contracted to work on code at the New York Fed, copied a... More »

Geithner: 'I'm Incredibly Angry'

Treasury secretary says he's sick of the criticism, mad at Wall Street

(Newser) - Timothy Geithner is often seen as the cool, calculating co-architect of various bailouts, and a friend to Wall Street, but that image is all wrong, he insists. “I am incredibly angry at what happened to our country,” he says. In an affable interview with Vogue —he begins... More »

Fed Duo Sounded Alarm Over AIG 'Gifts' to Banks

Geithner, Paulson face grilling over 'backdoor bailouts' for AIG clients

(Newser) - Two Federal Reserve governors expressed their unease about the Fed's rejection of a plan to force big banks to return $30 billion in cash they received from AIG before its bailout in late 2008. The officials warned that the decision to let the banks, including Goldman Sachs, keep the collateral... More »

Geithner Will Testify on Secretive Bailout Deals

House committee wants answers on his role on AIG contracts

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will testify Jan. 27 before a House probe into his role in deals that sent billions of bailout dollars to Goldman Sachs and other big banks. The committee wants to know why the Federal Reserve Bank of New York—which Geithner headed at the time—paid... More »

NY Fed Told AIG to Hide Payouts

Details of 'backdoor bailout' hushed up

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve Bank of New York pressured AIG not to release details of massive payments it made to banks after it was bailed out, email exchanges released yesterday reveal. The insurer paid banks, including Goldman Sachs, in full for securities linked to subprime mortages, a move critics say amounted... More »

Fed Report Rakes Geithner Over AIG Bailout

He's accused of handing AIG creditors 'backdoor bailout'

(Newser) - Tim Geithner did a lousy job of looking out for the interests of taxpayers during the AIG bailout last year, according to a report from a federal oversight group. Geithner, then head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, made no attempt to renegotiate AIG's debts, effectively giving the... More »

Polo Horses' Owner Also Mysterious

(Newser) - Exactly what killed 21 polo horses in Florida is not known, but details of their enigmatic owner are emerging in spades. Victor Vargas has succeeded at the tricky proposition of banking in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, and tried the US market—with less-than-stellar results. In 1993, he had to settle... More »

At NY Fed, Geithner Saw Risk, Didn't Act

Legacy of missing red flags trails onetime regulator to Treasury

(Newser) - Timothy Geithner spent a lot of time thinking about the derivatives trade as president of the New York Federal Reserve—in 2005 he convinced banks to digitize the market, making it far more efficient. But he never convinced them to scale back risk and never exercised his powers to force... More »

Geithner Swinging in Wind After Fed Drops AIG Ball

Treasury says Fed kept them in dark, despite sec's previous role

(Newser) - Officials at the Fed knew about AIG's plan to award $165 million in bonuses for months but failed to tell the Obama administration, reports the Washington Post. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said this week he was "stunned when I learned how bad this was"—belatedly on March 10—... More »

Wall Streeters Question Geithner's Role in Crisis

Treasury pick has been at the table all along

(Newser) - Markets surged yesterday when Barack Obama announced that Timothy Geithner would become treasury secretary as part of an all-star economic team. But Wall Street actually harbors some skepticism about Geithner, writes Andrew Sorkin in the New York Times. As chair of the New York Fed, Geithner was the point man... More »

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