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Judge Gives Amanda Bynes' Mom Control of Her Life

She's granted temporary conservatorship; Amanda's psychiatric hold extended

(Newser) - Amanda Bynes is in such bad shape that a judge has granted her mother temporary conservatorship over all aspects of her life, reports Entertainment Tonight . The 27-year-old actress could not even attend the hearing, because doctors at the psychiatric hospital where she is being held said she wasn't up... More »

Amanda Bynes' Parents Step In

As similarities to Britney Spears case mount

(Newser) - Amanda Bynes' parents have taken a page from Jamie Spears' parenting book and have filed for temporary conservatorship of their daughter—a move that would allow them to control her personal and financial decisions, reports TMZ . In a hearing this morning, Rick and Lynn Bynes will need to prove their... More »

Brit's Fiance to Get Control Over Her ... Food, Clothing?

Jason Trawick could end up Britney Spears' co-conservator

(Newser) - Britney Spears' dad is ready to give up some of his control over his daughter's life, but his move might just make the situation more awkward: Jamie Spears wants a court to add Jason Trawick as Britney's co-conservator. That's a bit weird considering Trawick is Brit's... More »

Spears' Dad Returning Control to Britney

Four years after meltdown, Britney ready to regain her life

(Newser) - Four years after Britney Spears spiraled out of control, her father is happy with her progress and wants to end his control over her finances and life this year, perhaps as early as February, reports the Daily Mail . Jamie Spears was named conservator in 2008 , after the singer suffered from... More »

Lohan Pop: I'm Seeking Conservatorship

Shockingly, Michael is still talking to the press about Lindsay

(Newser) - Looks like someone is taking a cue from Jamie Spears. Michael Lohan’s latest plan with regard to wayward daughter Lindsay: “I am going to go to court to get a legal conservatorship to get Lindsay into rehab and finally get her off all the prescription meds,” he... More »

LiLo to Dad: Stop Lying!

Lindsay says Michael is just using her for publicity

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan has had it with her father is still riding her coattails to fame, most recently by threatening to stage an intervention and/or seek a conservatorship over her. “I'm so hurt that someone who calls himself my father needs to use the press to communicate with me,”... More »

Wife to Remain in Charge of Falk: Judge

But ailing 'Columbo' assured visits from adopted daughter

(Newser) - Peter Falk's wife will remain in charge of the former actor's care and affairs, but must allow bimonthly visits with his adopted daughter under a new conservatorship established by a Los Angeles court. The former Columbo star, 81, suffers from severe dementia and no longer remembers his trademark detective role.... More »

While Dad's Away, Brit Will Play

Plus, Jamie cracks whip on fan site

(Newser) - Jamie Spears’ legal conservatorship over daughter Britney is fraught with tension, the New York Daily News reports. Brit let loose recently while Jamie was away, hooking up with a 21-year-old backup dancer. “Britney was a bad girl,” a source says. The fling “wasn’t serious,” but... More »

Britney Ex-Pals Hit With Restraining Orders

Ex-manager, ex-boyfriend accused of undermining conservatorship

(Newser) - Britney Spears' family has obtained restraining orders against ex-manager Sam Lutfi, ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, and a lawyer, sources tell TMZ. Lutfi and Ghalib, frequent companions during Britney's breakdown last year, are accused of conspiring to undermine her conservatorship arrangement. Spears herself is terrified of them both and wants to see... More »

Britney's Dad Gets a Raise to Watch Her

LA court raises James Spears' monthly salary by more than 50 percent

(Newser) - Some fathers take care of their kids for free, but Britney Spears can’t seem to pay her dad enough: A Los Angeles court this week raised Jamie Spears' monthly salary from $10,000 to $16,000, plus $1,200 in expenses, Us Weekly reports. Dad was awarded permanent legal... More »

Columbo Star Has Alzheimer's

Daughter seeks legal custody to shelter ailing dad

(Newser) - Peter Falk has Alzheimer's disease and no longer recognizes people, says the Columbo star's daughter. Catherine Falk filed court papers seeking conservatorship of her father, reports TMZ, saying he "requires full-time custodial care for his health and safety" and that she fears he "can easily be deceived into... More »

Britney May Host SNL Next Month

(Newser) - Britney Spears is going to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 22, an anonymous source tells Celebuzz. If the rumor is true, it will be Britney's third time. Eight years ago, at the tender age of 18, she became the youngest person to host and perform on the same show.... More »

Stocks Rally Strong on Fannie, Freddie Takeover

Europe, Japan, US futures see market surge

(Newser) - European and Japanese stocks saw their biggest surge since January and US futures climbed amid news of the Treasury Department’s plan to take charge of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Bloomberg reports. Europe's UBS AG, pounded by subprime losses, and Japan’s Mizuho Financial Group, its biggest bank by... More »

Paulson Tacks Toward Middle on Fannie, Freddie Rescue

Conservatorship would toe line between opposing views

(Newser) - As concerns mount for troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two camps have emerged: one, led by free-market analysts, is pushing a temporary government takeover of the companies; the other, led by congressional Democrats, would rather see billions of tax dollars rescue the firms. Treasury secretary Henry Paulson... More »

Britney's Dad Selling Her Mansion

Troubled singer seeking more privacy

(Newser) - Britney Spears' father has been given court permission to put the star's Los Angeles mansion up for sale. The singer is looking for a new home with more privacy and open space to raise her sons, a source told People. Spears and her dad are also planning a trip to... More »

Spears Still Too Shaky for Court

Singer deemed unfit to take part in legal proceedings

(Newser) - Britney Spears still isn't ready to take part  in the legal proceedings of her conservatorship case, a Los Angeles court commissioner has decided. The official said the singer is unable to participate "in any meaningful way" and may need more tests, People reports. Spears' affairs are currently being handled... More »

Babysitting Brit Nets Dad a 6-Figure Gig

Jamie Spears pulls down $2,500 a week to get his pop princess back on track

(Newser) - Not a bad gig: Jamie Spears is pulling down $130,000 a year—all for babysitting his own wayward daughter, reports People. Since Spears quietly quit his catering job in February and made rehabbing Britney's image his full-time career, he's pulled down $2,500 a week from his eldest daughter's... More »

Britney Wins More Time With Sons

K-Fed lawyer praises singer's 'progress'

(Newser) - Pop princess Britney Spears will be seeing more of her two young sons, the AP reports. Dad Kevin Federline will retain custody, but a court yesterday extended Britney's visitations rights, a sign of the progress she has made since her father took over the singer's affairs. Federline's attorney, who did... More »

Britney Custody Hearing Gets Off to Low-Key Start

Singer appears distraught as she attempts to gain more time with young sons

(Newser) - Britney Spears attended a custody hearing today, and the scene at the courthouse was surprisingly calm, People reports. The singer looked distraught during a recess, but she appeared to be in higher spirits returning to the courtroom. Because she remains under the conservatorship of her father, the court is unlikely... More »

Brit Owes Dad $2,500 a Week, Court Rules

Jamie Spears' control of daughter's estate extended through July

(Newser) - A Los Angeles court has pegged the price of being Britney Spears' dad at $2,500 a week, E! Online reports, plus car-rental expenses. Jamie Spears was given control of the pop princess' estate Feb. 1, while his 26-year-old daughter was hospitalized for mental issues. The court yesterday ordered that... More »

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