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Major Christian Group Took $50K From Terror Backer

Nat'l Prayer Breakfast sponsor implicated

(Newser) - The foundation that sponsors the National Prayer Breakfast received thousands of dollars from the Islamic American Relief Agency, a Missouri-based organization with terrorist ties, the Washington Post reports. The Senate Finance Committee considers the agency a terrorist financier, and a few months after the federal government shut it down in... More »

Banker for Drug Gangs, Al-Qaeda Nailed

Dubai-based banker helped shift money launder funds

(Newser) - One of al-Qaeda's favorite bankers has been busted in India after a year-long manhunt. Naresh Jain is accused of running a worldwide money laundering empire from his Dubai headquarters that handled over $2 billion a year from terrorist groups and drug traffickers, the Independent reports. More »

Broke al-Qaeda Pleads for Funds

Terror group seeks donations as US disrupts financing network

(Newser) - Efforts to cut off al-Qaeda's funding have been largely successful and the organization is now critically short of cash, according to the US Treasury. The group's "influence is waning" as the money dries up, according to one official who monitors terrorist financing, noting that al-Qaeda has already issued several... More »

CIA Wants You, I-Banker

(Newser) - The CIA is looking for a few good bankers to track down millionaire bad guys and stymie financial terrorism, the New York Post reports. Ads on Bloomberg Radio ask money whizzes to use their “intelligence for the work of a nation.” The $160,000 salary will probably be... More »

Charity Guilty on All Counts of Terror Funding

(Newser) - A Dallas jury found a Muslim charity and its ex-leaders guilty today on three dozen counts of terror funding, the Dallas Morning News reports. A retrial of the biggest terror financing case in US history, the case hinged on $12 million sent by the Holy Land Foundation to Hamas after... More »

Al-Qaeda Works Cheap, Stays Hidden

Cells dodge dragnet by avoiding traceable transactions

(Newser) - International efforts to cut off terrorists from funding have failed because al-Qaeda cells operate cheaply and independently, avoiding official funding channels, experts say. While the US and its allies have focused on freezing bank accounts and monitoring financial transactions, operatives build $15 bombs, drum up hard-to-trace cash through illegal scams,... More »

Secret UK Terrorism Files Left on Train—Again

Misplaced papers look bad for Gordon Brown government

(Newser) - For the second time this week, confidential British government documents on fighting terrorism were left on a train and passed to the media. The papers blast countries like Iran for financial policies that can be used to terrorists’ advantage, reports the Independent, which released no other details about the documents.... More »

Taliban 'Narco Terrorist' Convicted in US Court

Afghan plotted to use drug profits to fight US

(Newser) - A Taliban militant has become the first person convicted under a "narco-terrorism" provision of the Patriot Act, Reuters reports. The Afghan man was busted by DEA agents for plotting to ship heroin to the US and use the proceeds to buy weapons to use against American and coalition forces.... More »

US, Iran Met on Terror Financing

Rare encounter last month at a multinational conference

(Newser) - Senior Treasury Department official Daniel Glaser met last month with representatives from Iran to discuss "the significant threat Iran poses to the integrity of the international financial system," Reuters reports. The rare talks, which required special permission from the US government, took place during a meeting of the... More »

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