Chino slaughterhouse

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USDA to Ban 'Downer' Cattle

Bid to boost confidence in beef

(Newser) - The USDA plans to ban all so-called "downer" cattle from the food supply to safeguard consumers from illnesses such as mad cow disease. Such animals are too weak or injured to walk, which can often be an indication of illness. Disturbing video of workers in a California slaughterhouse using... More »

Slaughterhouse Boss Faces Felony Charges

Cruelty charges follow video of Calif. meat packers abusing cattle

(Newser) - Prosecutors hit a slaughterhouse manager with what they say are unprecedented felony charges yesterday after a video released last month showed abusive methods being used to push ailing cattle into a slaughter box, the Press-Enterprise reports. Daniel Ugarte Navarro, 49, faces over 8 years in prison if convicted of five... More »

2 Stories