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15K Health Site Users' Data Didn't Reach Insurers

Plus: Thousands hit with wrong enrollments, denials

(Newser) - The White House is releasing new data on the effectiveness of, and many of the figures aren't pretty. The Washington Post reports that the registrations of nearly 15,000 people who signed up for plans failed to arrive in insurers' inboxes, at least at first. Things have... More »

Many Still Can't Enroll on Health Site: Insurers

Insurers still in dark about some who've enrolled

(Newser) - Many of's well chronicled problems have reportedly been fixed , but that doesn't mean it's ready for prime time, insurers say. The site's ability to send consumer data to insurance companies remains flawed, and "until the enrollment process is working from end to end,... More »

White House to Help Health Insurers Bypass Website

Jay Carney: It's about the ends, not the means

(Newser) - Agreeing to another ObamaCare concession, the White House said today it is helping insurers to bypass and directly enroll customers who qualify for tax credits, the Wall Street Journal reports. "It's the end here that matters, not necessarily the means," said White House spokesman Jay... More »

Health Insurers Not Thrilled With Obama's Quick Fix

And some states are refusing to implement it

(Newser) - Following a meeting on President Obama's health plan fix yesterday, insurers said they'd work to maintain health exchanges and avoid cancellations—but they were frustrated. Though the president of the industry trade organization cited a "very productive" meeting, plenty of execs were annoyed that Obama hadn't... More » Probably Won't Be Ready by Deadline

Insurers seek direct way to sign up customers

(Newser) - The Obama administration has pledged to get running smoothly by Nov. 30, but an insider tells the Washington Post that's looking like a pipe dream. For one thing, it can only deal with half the traffic it's supposed to handle—it runs into problems when 20,... More »

Romney White House Gives Health Insurers Fits

Industry could fave upheaval if he repeals ObamaCare

(Newser) - CEOs of big health insurance companies are surely salivating for a Mitt Romney presidency, right? Not necessarily, the AP reports. Though the insurance industry is no big fan of certain parts of ObamaCare, it has invested tens of millions preparing for it—and it stands to make scads of dollars... More »

Health Insurance Ads Go Cuddly

Firms shift marketing toward individual consumers

(Newser) - Health insurers are targeting a new audience: you. If the health care law's individual mandate remains intact, the companies could be looking at 120 million new potential customers by 2020, an analyst tells the New York Times . Regardless of the Supreme Court decision on the law, insurers believe the... More »

Top Insurer: Law or Not, We'll Keep ObamaCare

UnitedHealthcare to maintain preventive services, other Obama rules

(Newser) - Elements of President Obama's health care law will survive regardless of the Supreme Court's decision. The nation's biggest health insurer, UnitedHealthcare—which covers some 9 million people—plans to maintain several sections of the law's "Patient's Bill of Rights": It will continue to offer... More »

129M Americans Have Pre-Existing Conditions

Republican aide calls new report nothing but 'PR'

(Newser) - As the House prepares to consider a repeal of health care reform, the Obama administration has released a startling statistic: Up to 129 million non-elderly Americans have pre-existing health conditions. That means anywhere from one-fifth to one-half of people under age 65 in the US are at risk of being... More »

Life Insurers Mine Web to Profile Customers

Buying data Is cheaper than blood tests

(Newser) - Life insurers have traditionally relied on medical tests to get an estimate of a candidate's longevity—screening for things like drug use or high cholesterol. But they're experimenting with a much cheaper, and clandestine, method: gathering up the vast amount of information about people from the web via social networks,... More »

Obama to Insurers: Don't You Dare Jack Premiums

Parts of health care reform kick in

(Newser) - With parts of the health care reform law about to go into effect, President Obama has called executives from 13 leading insurers to Washington for a stern lecture about rate gouging. Obama is afraid the insurers will use the law as an excuse to jack up premiums. “Our message... More »

US Health Care System Is 'Unique in Its Cruelty'

Blow this chance, and the status quo will be in place for years

(Newser) - The recent allegations that insurance giant Assurant Health beefed up profits by weeding out policy holders with HIV is a prime example of why we need comprehensive reform of health care coverage, writes Paul Krugman. Assurant is not the only insurer doing this, and for a simple reason: "It... More »

Insurance Firm Aimed to Ditch All HIV Clients

Judge slams Fortis' 'reprehensible' conduct

(Newser) - Insurance giant Fortis used every underhanded method it could to purge HIV-positive clients from its books, according to newly released records. Documents reveal that the company—now known as Assurant—used an algorithm to target every policyholder diagnosed with HIV for a fraud investigation and canceled their policies on the... More »

Obama to Insurers: No More Outrageous Rate Hikes

President wants to stop repeat of Anthem 39% rate increase

(Newser) - The health bill President Obama is to unveil today will empower the federal government to cap insurers’ rate increases—a bid to prevent hefty rate hikes like the 39% Anthem Blue Cross premium hike in California that recently sparked outrage. The president’s bill would create a new board of... More »

White House Lashes Insurers Jacking Up Prices

Steep premium increases target individuals who buy policies

(Newser) - The White House has begun to call out health insurance companies attempting to drastically raise premiums for Americans who buy policies individually. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will hold a press conference today on the premium hikes, including the 39% increase in California she lambasted last week. A new report also... More »

Senate Deal Includes 'Triggered' Public Option

Option will be revived if insurers fail to provide nonprofit plans

(Newser) - The Senate compromise on health care reform means the public option is dormant but not dead, according to an aide party to negotiations. The tentative deal reached last night will give insurance companies the option of creating nonprofit insurance plans to be offered on exchanges, but a federal public option... More »

Lobbyists Deal Death Blows to Health Care Cost Cuts

Having KO'd most cuts, they're aiming at Cadillac tax and Medicare commission

(Newser) - Who's winning the health care battle? Lobbyists, says the New York Times, who've succeeded in blocking virtually every avenue for cutting health care costs that has been put on the table. They've killed proposals that would pinch doctors, hospitals, insurers and employees who are the beneficiaries of so-called Cadillac health... More »

Forget What You've Heard: Health Reform Is Nearly Done

Obama has party, public, industry support, despite a few town halls

(Newser) - Barack Obama goes into tonight's Congressional address amid talk that his health reform plan—and indeed his entire presidency—are nearly doomed. But the New York Times, in a front-page analysis piece, is far more optimistic, noting that August's town hall chaos did not substantially change public opinion, nor did... More »

White House Fires Back at Drudge on Health Care

Responds to video showing Obama discussing 'eliminating' private insurance

(Newser) - The White House released a video response today to a Drudge Report posting labeled “Uncovered Video: Obama Explains How His Health Care Plan Will ‘Eliminate’ Private Insurance.” The communications director for the White House Office of Health Reform says the clip is taken “out of context”... More »

5 Things to Watch During Critical August Break

Health care takes center stage in 'consequential' recess

(Newser) - With health care reform hanging in the balance, the August congressional recess is likely to be a lot less relaxing than usual, writes Glenn Thrush in Politico. What to watch:
  1. Health insurers’ response to Nancy Pelosi’s singling them out as the "bad guys" on soaring health care costs.
... More »

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