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Sometimes, Celeb Tweets Bring Real News

But not usually.

(Newser) - Surprise! Celebrities do, occasionally, use Twitter to break actual news. Don’t believe it? USA Today lists some examples:
  • Paula Abdul: Bid adieu to American Idol before an official statement was released.
  • Ryan Seacrest: Told the world Ben Silverman was out at NBC before NBC did.
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Silverman Leaves NBC, Goes Digital

Will head new company created with Barry Diller

(Newser) - Ben Silverman is leaving NBC Entertainment and hitting the Internet, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The division's co-chair—who may have jumped and may have been pushed—will partner with Barry Diller and IAC to create “a next generation enterprise that bridges the gap between traditional television and the... More »

As NBC Falters, Real Drama Is Behind the Scenes

Network moves to consolidate amid executive shakeup, poor ratings

(Newser) - When NBC announced a sweeping shakeup last week, it confirmed just how bad things are at the network, the Los Angeles Times reports. Ratings are down 14% this season, just as companies are dramatically slashing advertising budgets in the face of recession. “This is not a good time to... More »

In Tough Times, TV Goes Blue-Collar

(Newser) - As the financial crisis deepens, expect TV to trade upper-crust environs for jokes about crustiness, reports the New York Post. Entertainment execs are pushing the development of blue-collar comedies that allow for a little old-fashioned escapism. "I don't think audiences want to see a show about the fall of... More »

NBC Prez Will Party for His Right to Fight

Fixing the network is Ben Silverman's day—and night—job

(Newser) - Whether it's his tendency to casually insult other executives, his "totally sick" parties, or his precocious ascension from independent producer to network boss, NBC President Ben Silverman has acquired a devoted posse of friends—and an ample group of enemies. Esquire profiles the brash 37-year-old, self-styled the "luckiest... More »

Kevin Reilly Quits NBC

Entertainment prez leaves struggling network; Zucker recruits Reveille head

(Newser) - Kevin Reilly is bolting from his gig as NBC's entertainment president, reports Variety, after network capo Jeff Zucker recruited Reveille head Ben Silverman for a position over him. Reilly—who produced several hits including Heroes and Deal or No Deal—will take his multi-million dollar severance package and most likely... More »

6 Stories