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Watch Out: By 2029, Robots Will Be Smarter Than People

Even the smartest people, says artificial intelligence expert

(Newser) - If you're concerned that robots might one day gain sentience and rise up against the humans, a recent proclamation from Google's director of engineering probably will not calm you: Ray Kurzweil says that by 2029, computers will be smarter than even the smartest people. Kurzweil, a leading artificial... More »

Futurist: We'll Accept Computers as Human

Maybe even partners

(Newser) - Computers could get all our transistors going in the very near future when we finally accept them as "human," predicts a well-known futurist. Inventor and author Ray Kurzweil believes that humans and technology are blurring—he points to the bionic smartphones attached to nearly every human's hand—... More »

E-Readers Abound, But Market Looks Gloomy

Many believe the era of dedicated gadgets is almost over

(Newser) - This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has seen the unveiling of a raft of new e-readers, but the would-be Kindle and Nook competitors could have a hard go of it. First off, some are pretty pricey—that Plastic Logic Que will cost $649 without 3G, or $799 with an AT&... More »

Silicon Valley Spawns High-Tech University

'Singularity University' to tackle questions about future, technology

(Newser) - The future’s so bright, we’re going to need special training to get ready. That’s the point of Singularity University, a Silicon Valley institution founded by trio of forward thinkers, reports CNET. It won’t be a regular university; instead, Singularity—staffed by Nobel winners and other luminaries—... More »

Future Sunny for Solar Power

Tech leap will enable replacement of fossil fuels in 20 years: panel

(Newser) - Don’t sweat the energy crisis, say scientist Ray Kurzweil and Google co-founder Larry Page, who predict that within 20 years we’ll be getting 100% of our energy from the sun, based on current solar technology and growth trends. Kurzweil’s fortune-telling record is pretty good: He foresaw the... More »

A.I. Will Match Human Brain in 20 Years

But nanobots in our neurons will make us smarter, too

(Newser) - One engineer and futurist says it’s only a matter of time before machines are as smart as people, and people are part machine, the BBC reports. Ray Kurzweil claims that artificial intelligence will produce human-level smarts and even emotions by 2029. Humans, meanwhile, will inject nanobots into their brains... More »

6 Stories