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Netanyahu Announces Early Elections

His coalition government won't be able to agree on budget, he believes

(Newser) - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that national elections will be held within three months—some eight months ahead of schedule—because he knows his conservative coalition government won't be able to agree on a budget. "For the benefit of Israel," the elections will be held "... More »

Georgia's President Concedes Election

Businessman's opposition coalition set to take power

(Newser) - Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has conceded defeat in the parliamentary election and says the opposition now has the right to form a government. Speaking today on television, he said: "It's clear from the preliminary results that the opposition has the lead and it should form the government. And... More »

UK Will Go to Polls May 6

PM Gordon Brown's Labour majority under siege

(Newser) - With his Labour Party’s majority under siege, British PM Gordon Brown will call a general election for May 6. Brown must ask Queen Elizabeth to dissolve Parliament, after which he’ll give a speech that paints the vote as “the big choice,” sources tell the BBC , which... More »

Trounced, Japan's Ruling Party to Quit

Left-wing Democratic Party ousts Liberal Democrats

(Newser) - A top official in Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has announced that he and other officials plan to step down after the party's apparent crushing defeat in today's parliamentary elections. LDP Secretary-General Hiroyuki Hosoda said that he and two other top officials plan to submit their resignations to Prime Minister... More »

Japanese Voters Head to Polls to Boot Leaders

Half century of power expected to end today

(Newser) - Japanese voters began casting ballots today in a general election expected to clean house, reports the Financial Times. The Democratic Party of Japan will almost certainly thump the Liberal Democratic Party, which has ruled the nation 11 months out of the last 54 years. More »

EU Election Pounds Left

Low turnout across 27 nations leads to extremist gains

(Newser) - The center-right won a clear victory in this weekend's European parliament elections, while a record low turnout helped far-right and extremist groups make gains across the 27-nation bloc, the BBC reports. The ruling conservative parties in France, Germany and Italy performed well, while in Britain Labor came in a dismal... More »

27 Nations Vote in Massive EU Election

Across continent, angry voters set to punish ruling parties

(Newser) - Citizens of 27 nations begin voting today for elections to the European Parliament, and across the continent voters are expected to punish ruling parties and encourage the opposition, including the extreme right. From Ireland to France to Hungary, governments are braced for a protest vote spurred by the economic meltdown,... More »

Divisive Camps Square Off in Lebanon Vote

One pushes liberal economy, the other Islamic militancy

(Newser) - Hezbollah is inching towards greater control in Lebanon as the nation gears up for June’s parliamentary elections. The Shiite group, which favors spurning the West and resisting Israel with arms, is in a minority coalition, but winning a handful of seats could change that, GlobalPost reports. Its opposition, led... More »

Opposition Holds Gains in Zimbabwe Recount

Overturned results now look unlikely

(Newser) - With recounts confirming results on seven more seats today, Zimbabwe’s opposition party seems less and less at risk of losing the new majority gained in parliamentary elections last month, the BBC reports. Ten seats remain in the recount, and Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF needs nine to regain power in... More »

9 Stories