AIDS prevention

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Major CDC Shift: Use Pill to Block AIDS

Advice for at-risk groups is big policy shift

(Newser) - With HIV infection rates stubbornly high for a decade and condom use actually decreasing, federal health officials now recommend groups most at risk of AIDS start taking a daily pill. The Truvada pill has been shown to vastly reduce infection rates and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's... More »

After-Sex Gel Could Block HIV

Researchers test treatment in monkeys

(Newser) - A study on monkeys may offer hope for women in the fight against HIV—especially in cases of rape. The study involved a gel that appears effective in blocking HIV in monkeys up to three hours after sex, the New York Times reports. That could mean protection for rape victims... More »

Bill Gates Offers $100K to Design a Better Condom

Foundation hopes to combat STIs with more pleasurable experiences

(Newser) - Bill Gates is on a mission to make safe sex better. Gates' foundation is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can come up with a plan for making a more pleasurable condom that more men will actually want to use, NBC News reports. Condoms are cheap and effective,... More »

Baby 'Cured' of HIV Probably Never Really Had It

Today's drugs good at stopping transmission, but not eliminating infection

(Newser) - Don't get too excited by last week's news of a baby in Mississippi being "cured" of HIV , warns Mark Siedner in the Wall Street Journal —just because the baby had been exposed to HIV does not mean she was really infected with the virus. Most likely,... More »

1st HIV-Prevention Pill Gets OK—But It's Complicated

Truvada promising, but some worry it won't be taken correctly

(Newser) - A big milestone came in the fight against AIDS yesterday, when the FDA approved the first drug meant for HIV prevention—but there are quite a few issues to consider. Truvada, which has been on the market for years as a means of treating those who already have the virus,... More »

At-Home HIV Test Moves Step Closer to Reality

FDA panel gives OraQuick thumbs up; final decision expected later this year

(Newser) - About 240,000 HIV carriers in the US are unaware of their infection—and they may soon have a quick and easy way to test for the virus at home. The over-the-counter OraQuick test requires a mouth swab and delivers results in 20 minutes, and though it is likely slightly... More »

Scientists Closing in on AIDS Vaccine

Successful simian vaccine marks major advance

(Newser) - "There's more hope than ever before that an AIDS vaccine might be possible," says the lead author of a study that marks a major advance in the search. The study found that experimental vaccines used on monkeys reduced their susceptibility to the monkey version of HIV by... More »

20% of Those With HIV in US Don't Know It

CDC also says 3 in 4 aren't getting appropriate treatment

(Newser) - The CDC has a new study out on HIV treatment across the nation with some disturbing numbers, reports the Wall Street Journal :
  • Unaware: About 20% of the 1.2 million people in the US with HIV don't know they're infected. That's 240,000 people.
  • Treatment: All told,
... More »

We're Close on AIDS: Don't Blow It Now, America

Bono, George W. Bush warn against the US pulling back

(Newser) - Two big names—Bono and George W. Bush—weigh in on World AIDS Day, both with the general theme that tremendous progress has been made in the last decade but that it won't matter if the world, specifically the US, gets complacent now. Some highlights:
  • Bono: How did all
... More »

Obama on AIDS: We Will 'Win This Fight'

US increasing spending on HIV treatment by $50 million

(Newser) - President Obama marked World AIDS Day with a promise of more money and increased attention both in the US and abroad, reports AP :
  • The US will increase spending on HIV treatment within its own borders by $50 million.
  • He promised to help 6 million people in hard-hit countries get access
... More »

Bill Gates' AIDS Program Saved 100K Indians: Study

Researchers conclude that prevention works

(Newser) - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s $258 million AIDS prevention program in India has prevented more than 100,000 people from becoming infected, according to a study published today in the Lancet , which concludes that prevention programs targeted at high-risk populations can be effective. The initiative, dubbed Avahan, focuses... More »

AIDS Drugs Slash Risk of Getting HIV in First Place

Pair of studies show minimum 60% drop in infection rate

(Newser) - The same antiretroviral drugs that treat HIV and AIDS can also be used to cut down the risk of contracting HIV in the first place, two new studies show. The dramatic results are just the latest evidence that AIDS drugs can be effective at prevention as well as treatment. While... More »

HIV-Testing Program Finds 18K New Cases

But more than 200K have infection without knowing it

(Newser) - An estimated 240,000 people in America have HIV without knowing it, but that figure is dropping after three years of targeted testing among high-risk populations, the Washington Post reports. The $111 million program, carried out in ERs, venereal disease clinics, and drug-treatment centers around the US found 18,000... More »

Study Yields Breakthrough in AIDS Treatment

Taking antiretroviral drugs early slashes risk of spreading disease

(Newser) - AIDS patients who get treated early with antiretroviral drugs are as much as 96% less likely to pass on the disease to their sexual partners, according to a major new study. An independent review board found the results so persuasive they recommended the findings be released four years ahead of... More »

In AIDS Battle, US Victims Take Back Seat

Time to wake up to needs of at-risk Americans

(Newser) - This year has seen big advancements in the battle against AIDS, and the US has made “great progress” fighting the disease abroad, as George W. Bush noted in a World AIDS Day op-ed . But “why aren’t we more committed to end AIDS at home?” asks Cornelius Baker... More »

Bush: AIDS Fight in Africa Is American Way

We've taken big strides, but the fight's not over

(Newser) - When George W. Bush became president, “much of sub-Saharan Africa was on the verge of catastrophe” thanks to the HIV epidemic. So America took action, and now millions are on AIDS medication. The relief effort served US interests in helping to stabilize a region on the brink; but what’... More »

Study: 1 Pill Cuts HIV Risk 70%

At least for gay men who remember to take it

(Newser) - Researchers have hit on what some are calling the first major breakthrough in AIDS prevention medication. By combining two HIV drugs, they’ve created a pill that reduces the risk of contracting the virus by an average of 44%, and by more than 70% if subjects were conscientious about taking... More »

Condoms OK for Ladies, Too: Pope

Even if it also will prevent babies

(Newser) - OK, OK, everyone can use condoms—but only if you’re trying to prevent HIV. That’s the new word from the Vatican, which today declared that giving HIV to your sexual partner was a greater evil than preventing a possible pregnancy, the AP reports. The statement clarifies the assertion... More »

Pope Says Condoms Are Sometimes OK

Prostitutes could use them to curb AIDS infection

(Newser) - Pope Benedict—he who not too long ago said condoms make the AIDS crisis worse —now thinks they're not such a bad idea all the time. ("Stunning development," says AP , noting the church's opposition to artificial contraception, while Reuters sees it as a potential "sea change"... More »

AIDS Activists Hammer Larry Flynt Over Unsafe Porn

Group demands Flynt's stars start using condoms

(Newser) - Activists demanding that porn industry actors use condoms have targeted the world's most famous pornographer. The AIDS Health Foundation has filed a workplace safety complaint against Flynt, accusing him of endangering his performers, AP reports. Protesters gathered outside the Beverly Hills headquarters of Flynt's company and delivered 100 porn DVDs... More »

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