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DNA Tests Reveal What This Doctor Really Did

Jan Karbaat fathered 49 children through his clients

(Newser) - Say your mother's fertility doctor was Jan Karbaat? Then you may have a lot of new half-siblings—and a father who apparently broke the law. Turns out the Dutch doctor betrayed his clients by impregnating them with his own sperm and fathering at least 49 children, the BBC reports.... More »

Clinic: Alarm Was Turned Off on Failed Embryo Tank

Leading more than 4K eggs, embryos to be ruined

(Newser) - An alarm system turned off on a fertility clinic storage tank that had been malfunctioning for weeks led to a failure that likely ruined more than 4,000 eggs and embryos, double what the clinic first thought, it said Tuesday. The clinic run by University Hospitals in suburban Cleveland does... More »

Storage Failure at 2nd Fertility Clinic in 'Stunning Coincidence'

The facilities in Ohio and California experienced equipment issues on the same day

(Newser) - Two fertility clinics across the country from each other that experienced equipment failures on the same day have responded in the wake of the unlikely coincidence, the AP reports. University Hospitals officials in Cleveland said that that they are determined to help the patients who lost eggs and embryos an... More »

Couples Sue Over Babies With Genetic Abnormality

They say fertility doctor failed to test women who donated eggs

(Newser) - Two couples are suing a New York fertility doctor and his clinic after giving birth to children with a genetic abnormality later traced back to donated eggs, the AP reports. The two children, both born in 2009, have Fragile X syndrome, a genetic condition that can lead to intellectual and... More »

Doctor Accused of Swapping Sperm Samples With His Own

Lawsuit filed Friday against deceased Dutch fertility center doctor

(Newser) - The deceased former director of a Dutch sperm bank is being sued by 23 parents and children who claim he switched their chosen donor samples with his own without their knowledge. The New York Times reports the lawsuit against Dr. Jan Karbaat, who died last month at 89, was filed... More »

Man Sues After Ex Uses His Sperm to Get Pregnant

Layne Hardin says contract stated his sperm would go to another

(Newser) - Layne Hardin says his frozen sperm was always to go to Kathy LeBlanc. The pair had one child together, and in case they wanted a second, Hardin stored his sperm at a Houston fertility clinic in 2002, when the couple were domestic partners, before getting a vasectomy, reports ABC News... More »

17 Call In on News Fertility Clinic Worker Fathered Kid

Hotline set up after revelation fields 17 calls in recent days

(Newser) - The suspect died in 1999, the fertility clinic where he reportedly replaced a customer's sperm with his own closed in the 1990s, and the clinic left behind no records that might show the extent of the scandal, the University of Utah said yesterday. That could mean more questions than... More »

Fertility Clinic Worker May Have Secretly Fathered Kids

Woman discovers this felon is her dad, and more cases may follow

(Newser) - An exceedingly creepy story out of Utah suggests that a male receptionist at a fertility clinic secretly swapped in his own sperm during treatments, fathering at least one child and probably more, reports LiveScience . Oh, and this receptionist just happened to be a convicted kidnapper who once held a woman... More »

Divorced Men Should Pay for Wife's Eggs

If they split without kids, he should cover her fertility treatment: Op-ed

(Newser) - Welcome to the new wrinkle in divorce settlements: the wife's eggs. Sarah Elizabeth Richards lays out the increasingly common scenario in the New York Times today: Say a couple gets married with the intention of having kids but divorces years later without having done so, or without having as... More »

Women in 20s Should Freeze Ovaries: Doctor

Section could be re-transplanted later in life for childbirth

(Newser) - Young women should freeze sections of their ovaries for use later in life, a fertility expert has proposed. The doctor who performed the world's first full ovary transplant is promoting a procedure in which women in their 20's would have up to a third of an ovary removed and frozen.... More »

Brit Health Service Ripped for Buying Porn

Watchdog says helping sperm donors along is unethical

(Newser) - A British think-tank is attacking the National Health Service for spending roughly $1,000 of its $165 billion annual budget on porn magazines and DVDs. The group found that a third of health authorities providing fertility services offered materials to help hurry along the sperm donation process, the Telegraph reports.... More »

The Rise of Cheap(er) Fertility Clinics

Are discount clinics a good idea?

(Newser) - Fertility treatment doesn't come cheap—IVF typically costs $15,000. But a new wave of clinics hope to ease the expense, reports Newsweek . In St. Louis, for instance, a new facility offers a range of treatments for about $7,500. The goal is equal access, say supporters. "A woman’... More »

'Hotties Only' Dating Site Starts Virtual Sperm Bank

Non-members can use service to get beautiful genes

(Newser) - Controversial dating site Beautifulpeople.com —the one that kicked off 5,000 "fatties" for gaining weight over the holidays —has started a "virtual sperm bank" to share the genetic material of its attractive clientele. Both members and non-members can use the new fertility forum to contact... More »

British Fertility Clinic Raffles Off American Egg

Promotion for transatlantic service sparks controversy

(Newser) - A London fertility clinic has sparked controversy with a raffle sidestepping British laws by offering women a chance to win an American egg of their choice. Paying egg donors more than expenses is illegal in Britain, but the clinic is offering to fly the winner—who will be allowed to... More »

'Guardian Angel' Gives Birth, Returns Baby After Embryo Mistake

(Newser) - The biological parents of a baby boy born to a woman implanted with the wrong embryo say they will remain "eternally grateful" for her decision to turn the baby over to them. The Toledo woman gave birth to a health baby boy this week after a fertility clinic mistakenly... More »

UC Settles Suits in Embryo Thefts

'Our kids are still out there,' says heartbroken mom

(Newser) - The University of California Board of Regents has quietly paid $4.2 million to settle a dozen lawsuits linked to doctors who stole embryos in an Irvine fertility clinic, reports the Los Angeles Times. The physicians fled the US after it was discovered 14 years ago that they moved eggs... More »

US Doc Boasts He Implanted 11 Human Clones

'The cloned child is coming,' says controversial physician

(Newser) - A controversial American fertility doctor is boasting that he cloned 14 human embryos and implanted 11 of them them into women, reports the Independent. None of the tranfers led to a viable pregnancy. A documentary filmmaker recorded the procedures involving four women who had hoped to become the first mothers... More »

Research on Embryonic Stem Cells to Get OK, With Caveat

(Newser) - The Obama administration will issue new guidelines significantly expanding the scope of stem cell research in July, though some caveats leave scientists dubious, the New York Times reports. The new rules will likely allow federal funds to flow to researchers using surplus embryos created in fertility clinics, a practice the... More »

Octuplet Mom: 'I'm OK, the Babies Are Good'

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman became a national sensation this week, receiving death threats and a getting the business end of critical interview with her own mother, but she says she’s doing just fine. "I'm OK, and the babies are good," she told Us Weekly reporters today outside her home.... More »

Octuplet Doc Implanted 7 Embryos in Woman, 49

Woman who wanted on baby is now pregnant with quadruplets

(Newser) - A 49-year-old woman who went to the controversial fertility specialist responsible for Nadya Suleman's octuplets is now pregnant with quadruplets, even though she wanted only one baby, the Los Angeles Times reports. Dr. Michael Kamrava transferred at least seven embryos—made from eggs donated by a woman in her late... More »

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