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Dozens Hurt in New York Subway Derailment

2 cars went off the track and into a wall

(Newser) - Dozens of people were hurt Tuesday morning in New York when a subway derailed in Manhattan. The emergency brake was activated—it's not clear why—which caused two cars to veer off the tracks and into a wall, the New York Times reports. There was extensive damage, including to... More »

With a Push, Argument on NYC Subway Platform Turned Fatal

Woman dies after being pushed in front of Times Square subway train

(Newser) - A woman has died after being pushed in front of an oncoming train at the Times Square MTA station Monday, the New York Daily News reports. The incident occurred around 1:20pm, when two women got into a heated argument on the subway platform. The victim was a 49-year-old woman.... More »

4 Sets of Identical Twins Pull Off NYC Subway Prank

Improv Everywhere staged the scene

(Newser) - If a man on the New York City subway started asking riders for money to fund the time machine he was building, you'd probably assume he was a panhandler with a particularly novel method of asking for money. But what that man's future self got on at the... More »

On a Cold NYC Night, a Moment of Pure Kindness

Exchange on Brooklyn-bound A train goes viral

(Newser) - A NYC subway rider captured an act of pure human kindness on Friday night, and it's resonating: The Facebook video of the exchange between what the New York Daily News describes as a "do-gooder straphanger known only as 'Jay'" and a shirtless man has been viewed... More »

NYC Subway Nightmare: Man Shoved to His Death

D train hit Wai Kuen Kwok's body while it was 'in midair'

(Newser) - "Push, push!" That was what witnesses say Yow Ho Lee screamed at the East 167th Street station in the Bronx yesterday morning after her husband was shoved to his death in front of an oncoming subway train. The New York Times reports Wai Kuen Kwok, 61, and his... More »

Phone Spying Prevented NYC Subway Attack: Sources

When House intel chief said phone records foiled terrorist attack, this is what he meant

(Newser) - On Thursday, Rep. Mike Rogers defended the NSA's phone and Internet snooping program with the claim that, "Within the last few years, this program was used to stop a terrorist attack in the United States." Now we (likely) know which one he meant: The 2009 subway bombing... More »

NYPD Staging Fake Bio-Terror Subway Attack

Releasing harmless gas to track its movement

(Newser) - Don't worry: The gas the NYPD will be releasing into the New York City subway system in July is totally harmless. The "per fluorocarbons" will be released as part of a $3.4 million-dollar study looking at airflow in the subway system, with the aim of helping authorities... More »

2 Cops Shot on NYC Subway

As NYT takes a look at impact of subway deaths

(Newser) - More depressing news on the New York City subway last night, as two police officers were shot while stopping a man moving between cars on the Brooklyn-bound N-train, reports the New York Times . Two plainclothes cops asked the rider to leave the train with them, but, after initially appearing to... More »

Suspect in Subway Killing Had Attacked Twice Before

Erika Menendez spent years in and out of mental facilities: insiders

(Newser) - The woman suspected of fatally pushing Sunando Sen to his death on the New York subway had attacked before, the New York Times finds in a look at her history. Police say Erika Menendez, who has been undergoing mental health treatment in various forms for years, has been arrested three... More »

Psych Eval Ordered for Suspected Subway Pusher

Erika Menendez has history of mental illness, says family

(Newser) - Erika Menendez laughed so hard that she shook, and appeared "unhinged" last night at her arraignment on charges that she shoved a man to his death in the New York City subway, reports the New York Post . “You’re going to have to have your client stop laughing,... More »

Subway Pusher May Have Been Justified, Lawyer Says

Davis was probably too 'stunned' to help

(Newser) - Naeem Davis, the man accused of fatally shoving Ki-Suck Han in front of a NYC subway train, may have been justified because Han was harassing him, his lawyer told a New York City court yesterday. Defense attorney Stephen Pokart cited witness accounts that suggest Han was drunk, reports the New ... More »

Woman Busted in Scuffle Over NYC 'Savages' Ad

Tries to spray-paint over anti-Islam ad, as another defends it with her body

(Newser) - New York City's controversial subway ads equating jihadists to "savages" did not take long to incite a scuffle: The New York Post has gotten its hands on footage of an intense encounter between two women. The video shows a woman who proudly identifies herself as Egyptian-American journalist Mona... More »

Woman Faints Onto Subway Tracks, Killed by Train

Commuters stunned

(Newser) - A woman apparently fainted on the platform in a hot, humid Manhattan subway station and tumbled onto the tracks, where she was struck and killed by a train. "It was terrible. I was in shock," a witness told the New York Daily News . Fatoumata Diallo, 21, fell just... More »

Subway Riders Rear Up for 'No Pants Day'

Thousands drop trou for 'celebration of silliness'

(Newser) - Subway riders around the world saw a lot more flesh than they were expecting as thousands of people in dozens of cities joined the 10th annual "No Pants Subway Ride." In New York City, over 3,000 pantsless people braved the cold Sunday to join the event organized... More »

NYC Subway to Get Wireless, Cell Service

Australian company revives 3-year-old plan

(Newser) - A plan to bring cellphone and wireless Internet service to New York's subway is set to start after years of delay. The $200 million project was hobbled by the recession but has been made viable again by a large financial commitment from Broadcast Australia, Bloomberg reports. The firm bought a... More »

NYC Man Moves Entire Apartment Via Subway

That's one way to ensure your friends stop speaking to you

(Newser) - It’s bad enough asking your friends to help you move…it’s even worse when you ask them to help you move using only the New York City subway system. Young Min, a 24-year-old former Queens resident, somehow convinced two language school friends to help him move, via subway,... More »

Zazi Pleads Guilty in NYC Subway Terror Plot

Airport shuttle driver points finger at US actions in Afghanistan

(Newser) - A former Denver airport shuttle driver today admitted to a plot to bomb the New York City subways, saying he was recruited by al-Qaeda in Pakistan for a "martyrdom plan" against the US. Najibullah Zazi, 25, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, conspiracy to commit... More »

Atheist Ads to Hit NYC Subways

Coalition to launch godless monthlong campaign

(Newser) - Eight atheist organizations are the creators of a unique month-long ad campaign beginning next week in Manhattan subways that will challenge the belief in God. "A million New Yorkers are good without God. Are you?" the ads will ask on posters featuring blue sky and clouds. Because the city's... More »

Purr-fect Kitty Survives Subway

Feisty feline survived 25 days in tunnel

(Newser) - A scared black kitten lost in the New York City Subway system more than three weeks ago has been found safe and well. Georgia escaped from a carrying case 25 days ago and scampered into a subway station to survive passing trains, the electrified third rail and some of Manhattan's... More »

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