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Surprise Rate Hike Will Soon Rattle US Borrowers

Yardstick London interest rate jumps

(Newser) - A surprise hike in a widely used interest rate is expected to soon send many US borrowers reeling, the Wall Street Journal warns. The London interbank offered rate, a yardstick for financial instruments including resettable mortgages, jumped sharply yesterday. The increase, a signal that banks are becoming more cautious about... More »

Move to Nationalize UK Bank Sparks Fury

Shareholders expected to battle public ownership

(Newser) - Furious shareholders concerned about the risk to their investments are blasting the British government's decision to nationalize ailing Northern Rock bank. The British Treasury is expected to face lengthy legal action from investors once the government formally announces details of the takeover today. Trading in bank shares is being suspended,... More »

2 Stories