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Chemical Banned 35 Years Ago Found in Yellow Clothes

PCB-11 present in 'worrisome' levels

(Newser) - A chemical banned in the US 35 years ago is present in almost all yellow paper products and items of clothing, researchers warn. Though the production of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which contaminate the environment and are believed to cause cancer, was outlawed, PCB-11 is allowed to remain in yellow pigment... More »

Cracked Hungarian Reservoir Near Collapse

Likely to spill another wave of red sludge, PM warns

(Newser) - A new wave of industrial red sludge will likely wash over Hungary, PM Viktor Orban said today, with the enormous reservoir whose corner gave way earlier this week showing further cracks, and an entire wall "very likely" to collapse. Calling the situation "dramatic," Orban said that nearby... More »

Toxic Sludge Floods Hungarian Towns

4 dead, ecological catastrophe looms

(Newser) - A flood of toxic red sludge from an aluminum plant has engulfed several villages in Hungary, killing at least four people and threatening to become an ecological disaster as it approaches the Danube River. At least six people are missing, and 120 have been injured, some with serious burns from... More »

Great Lakes Study Mired in Politics: Author

Scientist says feds didn't like pollution report, reassigned him

(Newser) - A report suggesting industrial contamination in the Great Lakes poses health threats to residents is being suppressed by the feds, says study author Chris De Rosa, who also claims he was demoted because of his findings. The study found 230,000 "vulnerable" people are living in polluted areas, but... More »

4 Stories