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Village People: We're Not Changing YMCA

Even though the YMCA is now just the 'Y'

(Newser) - Fans of dorky dances, rejoice: The Village People aren't changing their famous song, even though the actual YMCA doesn't exist anymore. (The organization is shortening its name to the "Y.") Lead singer Victor Willis says the song and, more important, the dance will continue with all four... More »

Not So Fun to Stay on the Pirate Bay

Village People head up groups taking aim at file-sharing site

(Newser) - The Village People head a list of music industry has-beens pondering legal action against file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, after the service was indicted in Sweden for copyright infringement. The artists would join Prince, who’s been on the war path against the site for some time, reports Ars Technica. More »

2 Stories