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Kevin Spacey Is Now a British Knight, Almost

He's a foreigner, so you don't have to call him sir

(Newser) - The queen doled knighthoods and other honors today, with Kevin Spacey and Van Morrison among the notables on the list. Spacey, who is wrapping up a decade-long run as artistic director at London's Old Vic theater, received an honorary knighthood for his contributions to British culture, reports ITV . Because... More »

The Real Stories Behind 10 Famous Songs

Even 'I Kissed a Girl' not as obvious as it sounds

(Newser) - In honor of Jay-Z’s Decoded, which breaks down the meanings behind his songs, the Independent offers up the true stories behind 10 hits:
  • Katy Perry, “I Kissed a Girl”: The message behind this one seems fairly obvious, but Perry has insisted it’s actually about heterosexual friendships and
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20 Songs That Make No Sense

I want it that way. Wait, you want what what way?

(Newser) - Some lyrics are just so ambiguous you have no idea what you’re singing about when you sing along. Willa Paskin lists 20 “songs that make you go, huh?” on BlackBook :
  • “I Want It That Way,” Backstreet Boys: “Make up your minds dudes, is ‘that
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Van Morrison Not Father of Love Child

Hackers made up tale of baby with manager, singer says

(Newser) - Contrary to the tale spun by hackers who posted it on his official website, Van Morrison is not the father of a baby boy with “American manager” “Gigi Lee” who is the “spitting image of his daddy.” That is “utterly without foundation,” the Irish... More »

Not So Fun to Stay on the Pirate Bay

Village People head up groups taking aim at file-sharing site

(Newser) - The Village People head a list of music industry has-beens pondering legal action against file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, after the service was indicted in Sweden for copyright infringement. The artists would join Prince, who’s been on the war path against the site for some time, reports Ars Technica. More »

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