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3 Crazy Celebrity Love Triangles

Or, in some cases, a shape that has more than 3 sides

(Newser) - The love triangle: a classic dilemma, and Hollywood has seen its fair share of them. rounds up five notable stories:
  • Elizabeth Taylor had already broken up one marriage (Eddie Fisher's) when she met Richard Burton. Seeing as Liz and Dick were both married to other people at
... More »

Royal Baby Makes an Appearance

Prince William, Kate Middleton introduce him to the world

(Newser) - Prince William and Kate Middleton introduced their long-awaited baby to the world today outside London's St. Mary's Hospital, the AP reports. The couple answered a few questions, with William saying, "we're still working on a name," and "he's got her looks, thankfully."... More »

Camilla Wields Killing Gun

Duchess visits set of Danish crime drama

(Newser) - The cast of the Danish crime drama The Killing got a visit from a pistol-packing duchess yesterday. Camilla, duchess of Cornwall, is a big fan of the show, and arranged to visit the set with Denmark's Princess Mary as part of her Scandinavian tour, People reports. After picking up... More »

Royal Wedding: Who Got Snubbed?

It's not just prime ministers that are notably absent from guest list

(Newser) - With just three days left before the royal wedding, the inevitable complaints of guest list snubs are coming to the surface. News came out over the weekend that the last two British prime ministers weren't invited, and now the New York Times notes that some of Princess Diana's... More »

Kate, Beware This Batty Crew

The Windsors are pretty wacky, says Christopher Hitchens

(Newser) - For those salivating over every bit of cake or gown drivel that oozes out of the royal wedding, Christopher Hitchens is here to rain on your parade. The "constitutional absurdity" (ie, monarchy) is getting ready to claim its latest victim, he writes in Slate, and Kate Middleton had best... More »

Brits Pelt Royals Over Fur Hats

They're guilty of 'ostentatious cruelty,' say animal lovers

(Newser) - Fur flew yesterday as British animal lovers slammed the queen and Camilla Parker Bowles for their "ostentatious cruelty" in wearing fox fur hats to a Christmas Day church service. "To parade fur in 2010 says something unpleasant about the person wearing it," said the director of Animal... More »

Student Protesters Attack Prince Charles' Car

'Their royal highnesses are unharmed'

(Newser) - Even Prince Charles got a taste of how angry British students are over a big hike in university fees. Protesters smashed a window of the prince's Rolls Royce and splashed paint on the car as he and Camilla were being driven through London. The prince's office confirms, in style: "... More »

Queen Camilla? Maybe, Says Prince Charles

He seems to shift position for the first time publicly

(Newser) - NBC's Brian Williams puts the possible king of England under the hot light when he asks if Camilla could be the next queen. "That's, well ... We'll see won't we? That could be," replies Charles, his first response in a five-year quietus concerning the future role of his second... More »

Ex French Prez Pens Steamy Princess Novel

Just how close were Diana and Valéry Giscard d'Estaing?

(Newser) - Did they or didn't they? That's what the French wonder now that Valéry Giscard d'Estaing has penned a steamy novel about a French president's affair with an "unhappy" English princess who could be Diana's doppelgänger, reports the Guardian. The pair consummate their love in The Princess and ... More »

Astor Lashed Camilla for Bedding Prince

(Newser) - Caustic socialite Brooke Astor lashed Camilla Parker Bowles for perpetuating the "family mistress business" by sleeping with Prince Charles even while he was married to Diana, reports the Guardian. "Your grandmother would be proud of you," snorted Astor, referring to Camilla's great-grandmother, who was believed to be... More »

Diana's Butler Cops to Lying at Inquest

'I was very naughty,' Burrell confesses on videotape

(Newser) - Princess Diana's ex-butler threw the $20-million inquest into her death "a few red herrings," "didn't tell the whole truth," and could be facing some quality time in the pokey for his trouble, reports the Sun. The British paper says it uncovered a 3-hour videotape in which... More »

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