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Democrats Fault Rahm Emanuel on Health Care

Many believe his inexperience in Senate maneuvering stalled bill

(Newser) - Democrats in Congress think Rahm Emanuel’s lack of Senate experience slowed health care reform legislation to a death crawl. Liberals and centrists have different complaints, but agree that the White House chief of staff’s time in the House did not prepare him for Senate maneuvering. “They're a... More »

Obama Is Acting Like an Amateur—or a Candidate

Lack of experience might matter after all

(Newser) - The stuttering start of Barack Obama’s presidency has been a regular amateur hour, writes Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post. He’s failed to assert his authority on the stimulus, apologized for other people’s tax mistakes, and even held bizarre campaign-like events in Indiana and Florida. “Absent... More »

I'll Have to Work Twice as Hard If Appointed: Kennedy

JFK daughter admits she'd be 'unconventional choice' for Senate seat

(Newser) - Caroline Kennedy understands she will have to work to gain the respect of the public and her peers if she is appointed to the US Senate. "I came into this thinking I have to work twice as hard as anybody else," Kennedy told the AP. "I am... More »

Meet the Conservatives' New It-Girl

If McCain wins, can President Palin be far behind?

(Newser) - Sarah Palin may have been a risky choice for John McCain, but “it’s paying off, big-time,” writes Pat Buchanan for World Net Daily. She's quickly become the greatest asset the conservative movement has, according to Buchanan. The pick will energize conservatives, and give McCain a puncher’s... More »

Palin Choice Clever, Irresponsible

She may help woo voters--but could she handle the presidency?

(Newser) - As a political move, John McCain’s VP choice makes sense: Sarah Palin’s social conservatism should appease the party base, while her “maverick status” and gender may help the ticket win centrist voters and working-class women. But as “bold” and “shrewd” as the choice may be,... More »

Dems Wake Up to Troubling 'Brilliant Stranger'

Torrid affair climaxes, and party wonder who it married

(Newser) - The Democratic Convention was plagued with an “air of unease” about Barack Obama, a candidate whose character and work few can vouch for, Charles Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post. The “anxiety was that the party was nominating a man of many gifts but precious few accomplishments—bearing... More »

Rove: Here's How to Beat Obama

Bush pal advises Clinton, McCain in WSJ op-ed

(Newser) - The presidential race has seen Hillary Clinton and John McCain repeatedly rise from the dead. But with a long way to go for these “Lazarus” hopefuls, how can they beat out Barack Obama? Karl Rove offers some advice in the Wall Street Journal: Clinton, he says, should keep hitting... More »

The RNC's Anti-Obama Plan

The message for GOP victory this fall

(Newser) - At this weekend’s RNC winter retreat, “lowbrow” Hillary Clinton jokes were plentiful, Politico reports, but her opponent got more attention. Said one California Congressman, “a President Hillary doesn’t scare me nearly as much as a President Obama.” The PowerPoint breakdown:
  • Can you picture Obama as
... More »

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