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Moby's Wait for Me Is Pleasant, Bland

Pitchfork describes album as 'background music in the purest sense'

(Newser) - Moby’s latest album, Wait For Me, is a pleasant if forgettable trip to the artist’s softer, more ambient side, writes Jess Harvell for Pitchfork. Coming a decade after 1999’s Play, a record that perfectly captured the “post-rave” zeitgeist of pop at the time to become a... More » Reveals Jacko's Last Album: Dance Music

Singer kept demos extremely private

(Newser) - Michael Jackson plotted his comeback album with, and the Black Eyed Peas frontman now tells the Mirror it was going to be “something Michael has never done before—a dance music album.” The King of Pop kept the demos “under lock and key,”... More »

Omar's iDon Takes Reggaeton Back to the Future

Dancehall king blends familiar with futuristic with foray into cyberpunk

(Newser) - Reggaeton superstar Don Omar blends dancehall with Blade Runner on new album iDon, Jody Rosen writes for Slate. The Puerto Rican’s journey into “dystopian cyberfantasy” features plenty of “cybernetic mumbo-jumbo, foreboding synth chords, and techno twitches,” Rosen writes, backtracked by some more familiar big booming beats. More »

You Are Your Music: Study

Study says music reflects our personalities

(Newser) - Our favorite music speaks volumes about who we are, according to a new psychological study. It turns out that Indie fans are miserable, and metal heads act a lot like classical music lovers. The Independent breaks down personalities by genre:  
  • Indie: Low self-esteem and lazy, not to mention selfish
... More »

Madonna's Candy Not So Sweet

Hard Candy lacks a key ingredient: the pop diva herself

(Newser) - There is something noticeably absent in Madonna’s new record, writes Rashod Ollison in The Baltimore Sun: Madonna. Her 11th studio album, Hard Candy, “is a mostly stale piece of self-consciously fluffy pop” in which the superstar “plays it safe.” Enlisting younger hit makers like Justin Timberlake,... More »

B-52s Shimmy Again

Wacky New Wave band releases its first new album in 16 years

(Newser) - Sixteen years after the release of their last album, the B-52s are still rocking the cosmic party, this time with the all-new album Funplex. The Georgia band still performs regularly, but "if we're going to keep doing this, we need new material," guitarist Keith Strickland told NPR. "... More »

Ivory Coast Crazy for Big Butts

Dance trend sweeps nation, raising interest in illicit booty treatments

(Newser) - Bobaraba! It means “big bottom,” and it's a hit song and butt-shaking dance phenom sweeping the Ivory Coast, the BBC reports. In fact, some women in the west African nation are so caught up in bobaraba-mania that a black market of “bottom enhancers” has emerged, targeting those... More »

7 Stories