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Microsoft Posts First Yearly Sales Decline

(Newser) - Microsoft Corp. said today its profit in the last quarter plunged 29% because of weak computer sales, ending a fiscal year in which the software maker's revenue fell for the first time since the company went public in 1986. The results reflect how Microsoft's fortunes are tied to the PC... More »

Google Makes a Profit, But Growth Slows

(Newser) - Google Inc. eked out a higher profit in the first quarter, although the Internet search leader's revenue growth decelerated to the slowest pace since the company went public nearly five years ago. The company boosted its profit largely by cutting costs, including reducing the size of its work force for... More »

Google's Juicy Addiction: Cheap Electric

Not-so-green tech giants show insatiable appetite for power

(Newser) - No industrial smokestacks rise from that cute Google logo, but each click of the search button takes an environmental toll, Harper's reports. Google and its competitors are guzzling electricity to power ever-larger server complexes, and a renewable-energy initiative is more about making amends than benevolence. A new taxpayer-subsidized Google center... More »

3 Stories