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Per One Poll, Trump's Approval Rating Is Up to 50%

But other polls paint a different picture

(Newser) - President Trump retweeted a Drudge Report post Monday morning that announced the commander in chief's approval rating is back up to 50%, with 50% disapproving of his job performance, per a Monday Rasmussen Reports poll. The daily presidential tracking gauge notes that Trump's thumbs-up numbers peaked at 59%... More »

2 Numbers Should Scare Trump, Republicans

Cook report: Approval ratings among GOP, independents suggest midterm trouble

(Newser) - The non-partisan Cook Political Report has a sober warning for President Trump and Republicans: If things stay on their current track, the midterm elections in 2018 could be "disastrous" for them. The forecast has two numbers to watch: Trump's approval ratings among Republicans (currently 85% at Gallup) and... More »

Now It's Arnold's Turn to Troll Trump's Ratings

'Wow. Now you're in the thirties?'

(Newser) - President Trump took a few swings at Arnold Schwarzenegger's low Apprentice ratings, but the tables have turned. Schwarzenegger posted a video on Twitter Tuesday morning mocking Trump's low approval ratings—"you got swamped," he says. "Wow. Now you're in the thirties? "—and... More »

Trump's Disapproval Rating Is Kind of Insane

Bill Clinton hit majority disapproval in 573 days; Trump did it in 8

(Newser) - It took President Trump just eight days to make history in the Oval Office—but don't expect him to boast about the feat on Twitter. According to Gallup , Trump has become the president to fastest reach majority disapproval, with 48% disapproving of the job he's doing as president... More »

President Underwood Is More Popular Than Obama

And he has, you know, killed people

(Newser) - Bad news for President Obama: Even Scandal's cheating, borderline-alcoholic President Grant and House of Cards' murderous, lying President Underwood are more popular than he is. A Reuters -Ipsos poll compared Obama to a bunch of fictional TV presidents, and the results were not good for Obama. His approval rate... More »

Obama's Approval Rating Jumps

To 48%, a 20-month high

(Newser) - It is indeed a merry Christmas for President Obama, whose approval rating has jumped to 48%, a 20-month high, CNN reports. The increase comes alongside Obama's unilateral actions on immigration and Cuba relations , both of which have been popular, polls show; CNN also pins the jump on "improving... More »

Obama Approval at All-Time Low: Poll

WSJ /NBC finds just 41% back president's performance

(Newser) - President Obama's approval rating has dropped from 43% in January to 41%, an all-time low, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll . Some 54% disapprove of the president's performance, a figure that's on par with December's. Obama's approval rating on foreign policy is also at... More »

88% of US Catholics Approve of Pope

And some 75% of Americans like Francis

(Newser) - American Catholics are big fans of the new pope, with some 88% approving of the job Pope Francis is doing, a CNN/ORC International poll finds. ( Eat your heart out, Congress .) As for the country as a whole, CNN reports that about three in four Americans has a positive... More »

Obama's Approval Rating Slides to New Low

He's at 42% in Wall Street Journal/NBC poll

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans have been taking their lumps in recent polls , and now President Obama can feel their pain. In a new poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC , the president's approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 42%. That's down 5 points from earlier this... More »

Irate Voters Ready to Throw the Bums Out

Just 4% say we'd be worse off if every Congressman was replaced

(Newser) - The American people want to see some heads roll in Congress, with new polls out today showing that the shutdown has drastically soured voters on just about everyone. Just 4% of respondents said the country would be worse off if every single congressman were replaced in the 2014 elections, while... More »

Obama's Foreign Policy Approval at All-Time Low

Only 4 in 10 approve of the job he's doing

(Newser) - With low public support for US airstrikes on Syria, Obama's approval rating on foreign policy has also been sinking, and has now hit an all-time low, reports CNN . A poll by the news channel finds only four in 10 of those studied approve of the job the president is... More »

Hey Obama, You're Still President in August

Dana Milbank doesn't think it's a coincidence that his approval rating is down

(Newser) - Egypt is unraveling, and Edward Snowden is keeping the NSA in the news. What's Barack Obama doing? Well, he just got back from a six-day Martha's Vineyard golf trip, and today he's holding an event honoring the 1972 Miami Dolphins. "The president is certainly looking forward... More »

For First Time in 8 Years, US Likes George W. Bush

Gallup favorability ratings tip into positive territory

(Newser) - It's a milestone any former president would love: For the first time since 2005, more Americans approve of George W. Bush than disapprove, reports Gallup . He now stands at 49-46—up 9 in the "view favorably" category and down 13 in "view unfavorably" since he left office... More »

Dear Republicans: No One Cares About These Scandals

Charlie Cook: Polls indicate actual voters don't care about Benghazi or the IRS

(Newser) - So-called "scandals" like Benghazi, the IRS, and AP phone record seizures have dominated political discourse in recent weeks. And yet, polls find Obama's approval rating hasn't wavered. Maybe these issues will eventually gain traction with voters, says Charlie Cook in the National Journal —but maybe regular... More »

Obama Approval Slips Down to 50%

Loses big edge over GOP on economy

(Newser) - Before his second inauguration, President Obama enjoyed a 55% approval rating—but thanks to concerns over the economy, the figure has dropped again to 50%, a Washington Post-ABC News poll finds. Following Obama's reelection, Americans trusted him over congressional Republicans on the economy by 18 points; now the gap... More »

Rahm's Approval Rating: 19%

And only 2% 'strongly approve' of Chicago mayor

(Newser) - Maybe it's a good thing Rahm Emanuel is reportedly considering a presidential run —because he isn't doing so hot in Chicago. The mayor's approval rating has plummeted so far it's within spitting distance of Congress , according to a new Crain's/Ipsos poll , which showed only... More »

Poll: Congress More Popular Than Ebola, Kardashians

But not as popular as roaches, Nickelback

(Newser) - Good news for members of Congress bummed out by its 9% approval rating: Public Policy Polling has identified a few things voters like even less. In head-to-head matchups, Congress managed to narrowly beat Lindsay Lohan, telemarketers, and playground bullies. Its margin of victory was wider over the Kardashians, Ebola, meth... More »

Poll: Obama Up by 6 Points

Negatives up for Obama and Romney, but overall, few changes

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, the shooting at the Aurora theater, the Bain Capital debate, and a mediocre jobs report have hit the headlines in the last 30 days, but none of it seems to be having much of an effect on the presidential polls. President Obama is up... More »

Poll: Obama Approval Sinks on Economy Fears

Most of his lead over Romney dissolves

(Newser) - Doubts about President Obama's handling of the economy have wiped out most of his lead over Mitt Romney and sent his approval ratings to their lowest since January, according to the latest Reuters /Ipsos poll. The percentage of voters who approve of Obama's job performance has dropped 3... More »

Supreme Court's Approval Rating Now Just 44%

Public thinks lifetime terms were a mistake

(Newser) - The public is more suspicious than ever of the Supreme Court. In a new New York Times/CBS poll , just 44% said they approved of the job the court was doing. The drop continues a big long-term decline: from 66% in the late 1980s to about 50% by 2000. Moreover, a... More »

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