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Romney Adds 9 Delegates From Guam

Today's bigger battle comes in Kansas

(Newser) - Mitt Romney picked up nine more delegates today on his march toward the magic 1,144 he needs for his party's nomination, reports the AP . The latest ones come from Guam, where 215 representatives voted with a show of hands, giving Romney a unanimous win. Romney also is expected... More »

How Obama Did It: The Delegate Strategy

Delegate-by-delegate fight led to historic upset

(Newser) - Last night was not a triumphant coronation for Barack Obama, whose campaign limped over the finish line in Montana and South Dakota. But the Illinois senator's victory over Hillary Clinton—one of the biggest upsets in US political history, writes the Washington Post—was never about glamorous wins in battleground... More »

AP: Obama 'Effectively' Clinches Nomination

Tally based partly on private superdelegate commitments

(Newser) - The AP declared today that Barack Obama has “effectively clinched” the Democratic nomination, basing its projection in part on 15 private commitments from superdelegates. Adding to that a minimum 11 delegates Obama is poised to capture in the final two primaries today, the wire service concludes that the Chicagoan... More »

Downtrodden Clinton Aides Grasp at Fla., Mich. Straws

Top adviser: 'We lost this thing in February'

(Newser) - Last night’s primary disappointments have Hillary Clinton's aides skeptical about their candidate’s chances, the Washington Post reports. Advisers say their only hope is a last-ditch push to include results from Florida and Michigan. “Absent some sort of miracle on May 31st, it’s going to be tough... More »

Media Can't Agree on Superdelegate Count

Tally varies as superdelegates hedge their bets

(Newser) - Media can't settle on a superdelegate count these days because many of the mucky-mucks refuse to name a candidate, Politico reports. Current figures all have Clinton leading Obama—and she needs the votes badly—but media estimates vary from 256-225 to 221-209. “This is an art rather than a... More »

Why Clinton Should be Winning

If primaries were winner-take-all, she'd have a tidy lead

(Newser) - Barack Obama is beating Hillary Clinton in the delegate count only because of the eccentricities of the Democratic Primary system, argues Sean Wilentz on Salon. Like it or not, the general election will be a winner-take-all affair, and if the primaries were conducted the same way, Clinton would lead Obama... More »

Superdelegates Should Follow Voters: Pelosi

Speaker agrees with Obama as hopeful gains 14 delegates

(Newser) - Nancy Pelosi boosted Barack Obama today by saying superdelegates should vote with the people, Politico reports. “If the votes of the superdelegates overturn what happened in the elections, it would be harmful to the Democratic Party,” the House speaker said on ABC’s "This Week". Ex-lawmaker Bill... More »

Obama Rejects VP Offer as 'Double-Speak'

Clinton camp says rival has not 'passed commander in chief test'

(Newser) - Barack Obama spurned Hillary Clinton's vice presidential offer today as an attempt to "hoodwink" and "bamboozle" voters, the Los Angeles Times reports. “I don't know how somebody who is in second place is offering the vice presidency to somebody who is in first place,” he said,... More »

Candidates Spin Tuesday: Math vs. Momentum

Superdelegates loom ever larger as Clinton barely narrows deficit

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's victories in Texas and Ohio changed little in the race for pledged delegates—by some estimates she netted only five—but Tuesday's primaries changed the dynamic of the Democratic contest, the Wall Street Journal reports. The candidates have divergent arguments: Barack Obama's team says the math favors him;... More »

Obama Claims Texas Caucus Win

Caucuses tip Lone Star delegate advantage

(Newser) - With caucus results still coming in last night, Barack Obama's camp projects a victory for their candidate in Texas delegates. While Clinton won the Tuesday primary by a thin margin, netting her 65 delegates to Obama’s 61, Obama appears to have prevailed in the caucuses later that night, giving... More »

Can Huckabee Bowl Over Wisc.?

Candidate won't knuckle under, campaigns harder than McCain

(Newser) - Despite a chorus of calls for him to give up his campaign, Mike Huckabee is hitting the trail even harder than John McCain in Wisconsin, where he faces an uphill battle, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. And although McCain leads in the delegate count, Huckabee is getting a warm welcome... More »

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