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How Contact Lenses Change Your Eyes

May alter eye bacteria, boost risk of infection

(Newser) - Contact lenses improve your vision temporarily, but they may also make lasting changes to your eyes. Twenty volunteers, including nine daily contact wearers, allowed researchers to swab various parts of their eyes, plus the skin directly below. Scientists then performed genetic tests on the swabs and on the wearers' used... More »

Shoddy Contact Lens Care Could Make You Blind

CDC warns improper lens care raises risk of keratitis

(Newser) - Unless contact lens wearers want to land in the hospital with a nasty eye infection, they need to get serious about proper lens care, a CDC study suggests. Its study, published yesterday, looks at inflammation of the cornea, or keratitis. Noting the "overall burden ... of keratitis in the United... More »

Study Links Video Games to Improved Vision

Action games improve optics and brain's response

(Newser) - Adults can apparently improve their eyesight by playing action video games, a treatment less painful—for some, at least—than corrective lenses or eye surgery, according to researchers. Scientists compared study subjects who played the action games Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament 2004 to a group who played the... More »

US Child Gets Prosthetic Iris

Surgery allows boy to see colors, corrects vision problems

(Newser) - Surgeons in Cincinnati implanted a prosthetic iris this week in the eye of a 7-year-old boy, the first US child to get one. “It’s just like Mom’s,” said Nathaniel Brantley as he looked in a mirror. “Just like it’s supposed to be.” Born... More »

UK Docs Implant Bionic Eyes

Surgery aims to restore partial vision in blind men

(Newser) - British doctors have given two blind men bionic eyesight and say they will soon enjoy partial vision, the Telegraph reports. Using US technology, the surgeons inserted electrodes in the men's retinas last week. Studded on a metal plate, the conductors will be connected to a small eyeglass camera that enables... More »

Eye-Care Recall Reverberates on Wall Street

Product problem seen influencing bids for Bausch & Lomb

(Newser) - In the wake of reports linking its Complete MoisturePlus contact lens solution to a rare eye infection that can lead to blindness, Advanced Medical Optics has recalled the product. Competitor Bausch & Lomb's stock price dropped on the news, since the recall may put AMO's plans to enter the bidding... More »

6 Stories