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The Age of Reagan Is Over

Barack Obama's coalition is real, Ross Douthat admits

(Newser) - Conservatives wanted to believe that Barack Obama's 2008 victory was a one-time affair, a unique confluence of events. Now they know better. It's a genuine realignment, writes Ross Douthat in the New York Times . Obama won with the same coalition he marshaled in 2008. "It was the... More »

Friendly Fire: NATO Airstrike Kills 13 Rebels

It's 'regrettable,' but airstrikes must continue: Anti-Gadhafi forces

(Newser) - Libyan rebels are reporting what looks to be the biggest incidence of friendly fire since the conflict began. They say a NATO airstrike mistakenly hit rebel vehicles near the city of Brega, killing at least 13 anti-Gadhafi fighters, reports Reuters . A rebel spokesman called it "regrettable" but said the... More »

Far Right, Left Rage Against Bernanke

Unlikely coalition of activists of all stripes target Fed chair

(Newser) - They're mad as hell at Ben Bernanke, and willing to work together—even if they don't agree on anything else—to block the Fed chairman's renomination. Populist anger at Wall Street bailouts and lack of transparency at the Fed has created a surprising coalition of right- and left-wingers that's gaining... More »

Sorry, Dems, 2008 Is So Last Year

Winning coalition doesn't reemerge in gubernatorial races

(Newser) - Last night’s gubernatorial defeats proved to Democrats that whatever magic they harnessed last November has left the building. Off-year elections aren’t usually great predictors, but with the Democrats’ winning 2008 coalition essentially absent, the warning signs are clear, writes Dan Balz in the Washington Post. Most notably, Democrats... More »

US-Led Airstrike Kills 30 Afghan Civilians

Villagers deliver bodies to provincial capital as proof

(Newser) - Afghan villagers bore the bodies of 30 civilian victims of a US-led airstrike to a provincial council as proof of the coalition operation’s deadly price, provincial officials reported to the AP today. When fighting broke out yesterday between militants and coalition forces in Farah province, villagers herded their women,... More »

Navies Must Band Together to Fight Piracy: Experts

To beat back bandits, navies need cohesive international strategy

(Newser) - If EU and NATO leaders are serious about ending Somali piracy, they need to develop a coordinated strategy, say experts. Patrolling the high seas and protecting merchant ships has long been an individual effort among states, Time reports, but with piracy on a precipitous rise—there have already been 65... More »

Netanyahu to Form Israeli Government

LIvni averse to power-sharing propositions

(Newser) - Right-of-center Benjamin Netanyahu has been asked to form Israel’s new government, despite President Shimon Peres’s initial hopes that  Netanyahu would share power with centrist Tzipi Livni, who was the top vote-getter in the election last week. Livni said she would prefer to head the opposition, the BBC reports.... More »

Universal Phone Charger Coming

(Newser) - This should make it easier to charge your phone: Most of the big players in the industry said today they will work toward a universal charger by 2012, Wired reports. That means a standard USB cable will do the trick, no matter the brand. However, Wired notes one notable absence... More »

Election Really Does Signal a Move to the Left

Dems have built a new coalition of professionals, minorities, women

(Newser) - Don’t believe the voices warning Barack Obama to go slow and stick to the center because America remains conservative. There’s every reason to believe we’ve undergone a fundamental realignment, writes John B. Judis in the New Republic. The long shift toward a post-industrial economy has rearranged the... More »

Israel Faces Snap Vote After Talks Collapse

Ultra-Orthodox party says it won't join a Livni government

(Newser) - Tzipi Livni received a potentially fatal blow in her bid to become Israel's prime minister when the ultra-orthodox party Shas announced today it would not join her coalition. Livni, who succeeded Ehud Olmert as leader of the ruling Kadima party last month, has struggled for weeks to build an alliance.... More »

Israel's 'Mrs Clean' Has Quite a Mess to Tackle

But Livni faces uphill climb if she becomes prime minister

(Newser) - When she cast her ballot yesterday, Tzipi Livni took a page from Barack Obama and told the Israeli media that party members should "bring about change by voting for what you believe in." Now, writes an analyst in the Jerusalem Post, Israel's prime minister-designate has a tough job:... More »

New Pakistan Leaders to Seek Talks With Militants

Election victors continue to work for coalition government

(Newser) - The victors in the Pakistan elections favor negotiations with al-Qaeda and the Taliban over  military confrontation, reports the New York Times. “We will have a dialogue with those who are up in the mountains,” said Asif Ali Zardari, widower of assassinated opposition leader Benazir Bhutto. “We want... More »

Peace Talks Snag on Jerusalem

Palestinians want to discuss issue Israelis say isn't on the table

(Newser) - Peace talks between Israel and Palestinians were set to resume today as leaders were already entangled in a first major clash: over whether or not they agreed that Jerusalem would be part of the discussion. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has claimed the Palestinians agreed to put off discussing Jerusalem.... More »

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