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Major Mishap in SpaceX's 'Most Secretive' Launch Yet

US spy satellite is believed lost

(Newser) - A US spy satellite worth billions is presumed lost after failing to reach orbit during SpaceX's "most secretive" launch ever, reports CNET . The satellite, codenamed Zuma, apparently failed to separate from the upper section of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on Sunday and... More »

SpaceX Launch Is Another First

It's company's first government payload; rocket returns to Earth safely

(Newser) - SpaceX had a big morning: It successfully launched its first government satellite and got its rocket to return safely to Earth to boot. The company sent up the spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office aboard a Falcon 9 rocket at 7:15am from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in... More »

NORAD Sets Sights on Santa

Bizarre tradition dates back to misprinted Christmas ad in 1955

(Newser) - The North American Aerospace Defense Command is ready for its busiest night of the year, when it puts mundane tasks like looking for wandering Russian bombers or North Korean missiles on the back burner and tracks Santa Claus. As it has every Christmas for more than 50 years, NORAD offers... More »

Rare Rocket Launch in Va. May Wow East Coast

(Newser) - A rare mid-Atlantic rocket launch could give Americans up and down the East Coast a special night sight next week, Space.com reports. NASA's launch of a spy satellite from Wallops Island in Virginia is scheduled after sunset Tuesday, with a window of 8 to 11pm. Similar events, mostly on... More »

Time to Clean Up Space Trash

(Newser) - Space trash is becoming a serious problem, and it's long past time for housekeeping, writes the Economist. Of the 18,000 objects orbiting earth that are bigger than 4 inches across, only 900 are functioning satellites. The rest is debris, from old rocket parts and dead satellites to tools and... More »

Questions Trail After Satellite

American politicians, Asian powers fret over missile capability

(Newser) - The US Navy's destruction of a spy satellite on Wednesday continues to stir doubts both domestically and internationally, reports the New York Times. China issued an explicit warning yesterday, and Russia has raised questions. “The geopolitical fallout of this intercept could be far greater than any chemical fallout that... More »

Navy Hits Errant Satellite

US says it needed to act before it crashed to Earth with toxic fuel

(Newser) - The Navy tonight struck an errant spy satellite with its first missile shot, the AP reports. A ship in the Pacific hit the satellite as it passed about 130 miles above the ocean. The military says it needed to destroy the satellite before it crashed to Earth because the toxic... More »

Atlantis Lands Safely in Fla.

Landing clears way for military to shoot down satellite

(Newser) - Space shuttle Atlantis landed safely at Kennedy Space Center this morning, capping a successful 13-day mission in which it delivered Europe's first permanent lab to the International Space Station after months of delay, reports Space.com. The shuttle's return clears the way for the US Navy to shoot down a... More »

Navy Prepares to Fire on Satellite Tonight

After Atlantis is back, warship will take aim at rogue orbiter

(Newser) - The US Navy has warned planes and ships away from a large area of the Pacific ahead of an attempt to shoot down a rogue spy satellite carrying toxic fuel tonight, CNN reports. The space shuttle Atlantis is due back on Earth today and military officials are waiting for its... More »

Navy Ship Prepares to Shoot Down Spy Satellite

Attempt will be made Thursday from ship

(Newser) - The US Navy will attempt to shoot down a rogue American spy satellite Thursday, just days before it re-enters the earth's atmosphere, reports CNN. Officials plan to bring down the satellite from an Aegis cruiser at sea while it is still 150 miles above the earth, leaving enough time for... More »

US Satellite Shoot a Screen for Space War Games: Russia

Aim to 'test weapons,' not save the world

(Newser) - Russia's not buying the US military's story that it must shoot down an errant spy satellite before it crashes to Earth with its load of toxic fuel, the BBC reports. The Kremlin says America is using the incident as an excuse to test a new generation of space weaponry and... More »

Satellite Shootdown May Cost $60M

Navy likely to take aim next week, after shuttle Atlantis returns

(Newser) - The Navy's attempt to shoot down a malfunctioning spy satellite will cost up to $60 million, CNN reports. Three Navy ships are preparing for the mission, which could take place next week, but only after the space shuttle Atlantis returns. The Navy hopes to destroy the satellite, which has half... More »

US to Shoot Down Dead Satellite

Pentagon hopes to destroy it before it crashes to Earsh

(Newser) - The Pentagon is planning to shoot down a malfunctioning spy satellite in orbit, the AP reports, rather than run the risk of it crashing to Earth—and possibly into unfriendly hands. The powerless satellite is currently expected to hit somewhere on Earth the first week of March; the US would... More »

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