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As NATO Meets, Turkey Blasts Syria as 'Open Threat'

Turkish PM Erdogan issues a warning to Damascus

(Newser) - Turkey is hardening its stance against Syria, even as NATO meets today to discuss Syria's downing of a Turkish jet last week. Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned in an address to his parliament that Syrian troops would be considered an "open threat" if they come near his... More »

Turkey Demands NATO Meeting Over Downed Jet

Says plane was shot over international waters

(Newser) - Turkey acknowledges its F-4 Phantom may have crossed into Syrian airspace briefly, but it left immediately and had been back in international airspace for 15 minutes when Syria shot it down Friday, reports the BBC . "According to our conclusions, our plane was shot down in international airspace, 13 nautical... More »

Syria Shoots Down Turkish Fighter Jet

Downed plane further frays poor Syria-Turkey relations

(Newser) - Syria confirmed this morning that it did shoot down a Turkish F-4 fighter jet yesterday, saying it was flying low and well inside Syrian airspace, reports the BBC . Turkey has not said yet whether it considers the incident provocative, and much could depend on whether the plane's crew survived.... More »

Navy Ship Prepares to Shoot Down Spy Satellite

Attempt will be made Thursday from ship

(Newser) - The US Navy will attempt to shoot down a rogue American spy satellite Thursday, just days before it re-enters the earth's atmosphere, reports CNN. Officials plan to bring down the satellite from an Aegis cruiser at sea while it is still 150 miles above the earth, leaving enough time for... More »

4 Stories