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Cheap, Deadly Beauty Fix On the Rise

Doctors report spike in illegal injections of silicone

(Newser) - Illegal and potentially fatal silicone injections—a cheaper way to plump up the body than cosmetic surgery—are on the rise, the New York Times reports. The underground treatment, usually administered at home or at "pumping parties," has spread among Latinas and transgender women attracted by the... More »

New E. coli Strains Could Spell Epidemic

Drug-resistant bacteria may rival MRSA threat, researchers warn

(Newser) - New drug-resistant strains of E. coli have doctors worried that the mutant bacteria could become a superbug to rival MRSA, the drug-resistant form of staphylococcus that kills hundreds hospital patients each year, the Daily Telegraph reports. The spread of the new E.coli strains must be carefully tracked to avoid... More »

2 Stories