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Amazon Deliveries Coming to Audi Car Trunks

Only in Munich next month in test program, but project could expand

(Newser) - Like Santa sneaking down the chimney, Amazon is planning to drop packages off in customers' car trunks while they're at work or otherwise unavailable for delivery, the New York Times reports. The caveat (for now): Recipients need to live in Munich, have a select Audi equipped with special technology,... More »

Remote Island to Get Medicine Via Drones

Germany's DHL will start deliveries soon to Juist

(Newser) - For the first time, an unmanned drone will be delivering packages to residents of a remote European island. The company behind the industry first isn't Amazon or Google, but DHL. Deutsche Post AG, better known in the US as DHL, is Europe’s largest parcel service. Their taxi-yellow quadcopters... More »

UPS, FedEx Jump to Fill DHL's Holes

Big Brown targets customers with ad buy, in talks to add DHL load

(Newser) - After DHL announced yesterday it was vacating the US express-mail market, UPS and FedEx ratcheted up efforts to snare as many of the Belgium-based company’s customers as possible, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. DHL handles 1.1 million shipments per day, 5% of the express and ground market in which... More »

DHL Will Cut 9,500 Jobs, Stop Domestic US Service

German firm shutters DHL Express service centers as its competition gets the better

(Newser) - Deutsche Post will close all of its DHL Express service centers, cut 9,500 jobs in the US, and eliminate US-only domestic shipping by land and air, the company said today, citing heavy losses and fierce competition with UPS and FedEx. The company said the new round of cuts are... More »

Homes Raided Nationwide in German Tax Fraud Probe

$5B tax dodge crackdown

(Newser) - The fallout from Germany's enormous tax evasion scandal continued yesterday as police began a nationwide raid of the homes and offices of over a hundred people. More than 1,000 rich Germans are suspected of cheating the German treasury out of $5 billion by transferring huge sums to banks and... More »

5 Stories