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7 Arrested After London Attack

PM denounces 'sick and depraved' attack

(Newser) - Police in Britain say they believe the man behind London's deadliest terror attack since 2005 "acted alone and was inspired by international terrorism"—though they've also arrested seven people around the country in connection with the attack. London police counterterrorism chief Mark Rowley said Thursday that... More »

K9 Units Are Falling Victim to Powerful, Dangerous Drug

Police dogs are more susceptible than humans to dangers of fentanyl

(Newser) - Police officers conducting drug raids with their K9 units are now dealing with what the DEA has called an "unprecedented threat": fentanyl, the same powerful opioid that killed Prince earlier this year. Both the Miami Herald and NBC News report on the drug's dangers, which the cop canines... More »

Cops Raid Amish Party, Arrest 75 Teens

Undercover officer spotted underage drinking

(Newser) - Cops in Holmes County, Ohio, took the rum out of a lot of Rumspringas over the weekend with a huge raid on a party packed with Amish teens. Police say around 75 people were arrested for underage drinking after the raid on a field party Saturday night, the Daily Record... More »

Mexico Police Accused of Executing 22, Faking Shootout

42-to-1 death toll in ranch raid raised suspicions

(Newser) - Federal police executed at least 22 people on a ranch last year, then moved bodies and planted guns to corroborate the official account that the deaths happened in a gunbattle, Mexico's human rights commission says, per the AP . A total of 43 people, including one police officer, were killed... More »

3rd Body Pulled From Raid Rubble Near Paris

And 2nd body has been positively IDed as female cousin of alleged mastermind

(Newser) - A third body has been pulled from the wreckage of Wednesday's police raid north of Paris, the New York Times reports. The body of alleged attack mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud was positively identified Thursday, and forensics experts also confirmed the body of Hasna Aitboulahcen, said to be Abaaoud's cousin,... More »

Why Police Are Maiming, Killing With 'Grenades'

Cops use flashbang grenades to stun during raids

(Newser) - Following a drug tip, nearly 20 cops stormed a small apartment outside Atlanta in 2010. Invading officers found only a little weed, but managed to seriously injure resident Treneshia Dukes with a flashbang grenade—a police device that's drawing increasing attention and controversy, Pro Publica reports. Cops often toss... More »

Undercover Cops Infiltrated Occupy LA Before Raid

About a dozen mingled among protesters to look for potential trouble

(Newser) - The Los Angeles police had nearly a dozen undercover officers mixed in with the Occupy LA protesters in the weeks before Wednesday's pre-dawn raid, gathering information about stashed weapons or other potential problems, reports the LA Times . (Confirming a story in City News Service.) None of the undercover... More »

Meet the Police's New 'Sound Canons'

Controversial LRAD can cause 'extreme pain,' hearing loss

(Newser) - Last week's police busts on Occupy camps around the United States saw one of the highest-profile deployments yet of high-tech crowd control: sound cannons, reports the Week . Designed to keep birds out of the way of planes at airports, the "long range acoustic device," or LRAD for... More »

Police Clear Occupy Oakland, Arrest 25

Hundreds protest, but few stay in camp to be arrested

(Newser) - Police in riot gear moved to clear out the Occupy Oakland camp early today, arresting dozens as protesters watched. Hundreds of police moved in at about 5am, according to the San Francisco Chronicle . Protesters had broken into two groups, with some defending the tent city and hundreds of others standing,... More »

Pope Slams 'Deplorable' Church Sex Raids

Belgian police action 'unprecedented'

(Newser) - Raids by Belgian police investigating priest sex abuse are "deplorable," an angry Pope Benedict lashed out yesterday, adding to the chorus of Vatican criticism of the Belgian government. Police last week searched several Catholic Church buildings and seized nearly 500 files and a computer in Leuven, Belgium. Belgium... More »

Iran Takes Nobel Winner's Peace Prize

It's never happened before, say outraged officials in Norway

(Newser) - In what would be a dastardly first, Norway has accused Iranian authorities of stealing a Nobel Peace Prize. The prize belongs to Iranian national Shirin Ebadi, a human rights lawyer who received the honor in 2003. “The medal and the diploma have been removed from Dr. Ebadi’s bank... More »

Denver Man in NYC Raids Denies Terror Link

Police swooped over alleged plot after city visit

(Newser) - A Colorado man believed to be a central figure in a New York City terror investigation denies he has links to al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group, the New York Times reports. Police raided three apartments in Queens after Najibullah Zazi visited the city last week. Materials were removed for... More »

DEA Hits Jacko Doc's Office

(Newser) - A task force of federal drug-enforcement agents, Los Angeles detectives, and local police raided the Houston offices of Michael Jackson’s personal doctor today, ABC News reports. Sources say a search warrant was obtained based on preliminary autopsy results linking Jackson’s death to an anesthetic used only in hospitals.... More »

UK's Anti-Terror Chief Quits Over Photo Faux Pas

Learns the hard way not to carry top-secret memos in plain sight

(Newser) - The crack British counter-terrorism official who was inadvertently photographed carrying a paper with details of raids that snared 12 men linked to al-Qaeda yesterday has stepped down, the Wall Street Journal reports. Bob Quick, who was bringing the document to a meeting at Downing Street, had previously apologized for the... More »

Iranian Cops Raid Nobel Winner's Office

Prosecutors claim Shirin Ebadi's organization was acting as political party

(Newser) - Iranian police today raided the office of a human rights group led by Nobel prize-winning activist Shirin Ebadi, Reuters reports. The office was hours away from hosting a Human Rights Day celebration when cops shut it down. "We will protest against it," said Ebadi. "It will not... More »

Cops Shoot Mayor's Dogs in Bad Drug Bust

Cops kill Labs 'for sport,' handcuff mayor in boxers

(Newser) - A Maryland mayor is demanding an investigation after police burst into his home and shot his two dogs dead, reports the Baltimore Sun. Cheye Calvo, the mayor of Baltimore suburb Berwyn Heights, and his wife were apparently victims of a smuggling ring that sent packages of marijuana to unsuspecting victims,... More »

On the Trail of Medical Marijuana

California's system has plenty of gray areas, New Yorker finds

(Newser) - California's legalization of medical marijuana helped create a cultivation and distribution network that promises big money for those willing to work in legal gray areas. Guided by an old friend, Blue, who's a dealer in all but name, David Samuels of the New Yorker follows the trail of Tibetan prayer... More »

Sect Elder Blasts 'Terrorist' Raid

'It does not require a foreign country to commit terrorist acts on American soil,' letter to Bush reads

(Newser) - An elder of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints condemned the raid against a sect compound in Texas last month as a “terrorist act” in a letter to President Bush, CNN reports. Members of the FLDS have complained of the treatment of the families whose... More »

Rapper DMX Arrested on Animal-Cruelty, Drug Charges

Cops take pit bull pups, find cocaine, marijuana, guns at Arizona pad

(Newser) - Police arrested rapper DMX early this morning on animal-abuse and drug charges, the Arizona Republic reports. Police seized five pit bull puppies, and unknown quantities of marijuana and cocaine from the house northeast of Phoenix. More »

Homes Raided Nationwide in German Tax Fraud Probe

$5B tax dodge crackdown

(Newser) - The fallout from Germany's enormous tax evasion scandal continued yesterday as police began a nationwide raid of the homes and offices of over a hundred people. More than 1,000 rich Germans are suspected of cheating the German treasury out of $5 billion by transferring huge sums to banks and... More »

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