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Car Maker Tesla Open Its Patents to All

Elon Musk goes open source, says it will help electric-car industry overall

(Newser) - Electric car maker Tesla Motors is handing over the keys to its technology in an unusual effort to encourage other automakers to expand beyond gasoline-burning vehicles. Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised today to give away the company's entire patent portfolio to all comers, as long as they promised not... More »

Farmer, 75, Takes on Monsanto

Soybean seed case hits Supreme Court this week

(Newser) - Vernon Hugh Bowman, a 75-year-old Indiana farmer, is taking on agribusiness heavyweight Monsanto in a case hitting the Supreme Court tomorrow. Monsanto says Bowman, who has been using Monsanto's soybean seeds happily for years, is infringing its patents when he plants a second crop of soybeans each year. The... More »

Samsung Drags iPhone 5 Into Patent War

On the same day the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is unbanned

(Newser) - Apple's newest handset hasn't escaped its bitter patent war with Samsung. The Korean manufacturer filed a complaint against the iPhone 5 yesterday, claiming it violates all the same patents that earlier iterations did, ZDNet reports. So far the only casualties of the patent war have been older products,... More »

Google, Apple CEOs Holding Secret Peace Talks?

Tim Cook, Larry Page have had at least one conversation

(Newser) - While the smartphone patent wars rage on, the CEOs of Apple and Google have been quietly communicating with each other in an attempt to resolve a range of intellectual property issues, sources tell Reuters . Apple's Tim Cook and Google's Larry Page had a phone conversation last week and... More »

Japan Hands Samsung Win in Apple Patent Wars

Sync tech no infringement; Apple ordered to pay court costs

(Newser) - Samsung may have lost a major battle with Apple last week, but the patent wars go on—and the latest victory is Samsung's. Samsung scored a win versus Apple in a Japanese court today, this time in a case over the tech that synchronizes music and video data with... More »

In Wake of Big Court Win, Brace for 'Apple Tax'

If Samsung and others must pay for licenses, consumers could pay more, too

(Newser) - Apple's patent victory will cost more than just the $1.05 billion judgment against Samsung—expect non-Apple smartphones to cost more as manufacturers begin to pay Apple for a variety of new licenses, reports the Wall Street Journal . Samsung was found guilty of infringing on seven patents, including those... More »

Judge to Google, Oracle: Name Journos You're Paying

One analyst calls order 'uncharted territory'

(Newser) - The jury gave its verdict nearly three months ago in the Oracle-Google copyright and patent case, but today the judge ordered both companies to 'fess up and list all the bloggers, journalists, and other commentators on their payrolls, reports Reuters . The judge did not say much, aside from that... More »

Yahoo Sues Facebook Over 10 Alleged Patent Violations

Accuses Facebook of succeeding by using Yahoo patents

(Newser) - Yahoo followed through on its threat to sue Facebook today, filing a suit accusing the social networking company of violating 10 Yahoo patents. The suit, filed by new CEO Scott Thompson, reportedly comes after months of talks between the two companies; it alleges that Facebook got a "free ride"... More »

Google to Fight All Patent Lawsuits

Search firm worries it's seen as easy target for settlements

(Newser) - Google is pursuing a more aggressive litigation strategy in an attempt to curb the number of patent lawsuits filed against it, Bloomberg reports. The company originally tended to settle lawsuits, getting rid of them quickly. But management is worried that doling out settlements has made it look like an easy... More »

Patent Battle Breaks Out Between Motorola, RIM

Firms exchange suits after licensing agreement disintegrates

(Newser) - A patent battle has flared between BlackBerry maker RIM and Motorola after the two failed to agree on terms to renew an existing licensing agreement, reports the Wall Street Journal.The friction comes as each company is intruding into the other's turf: Motorola by building Blackberry-like email devices, RIM by... More »

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