City of Lights

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Paris Weighs Ban to Darken City of Lights

Rule would require lights off between 1am and 7am

(Newser) - Paris may have to come up with a new nickname, because a proposed new rule from France's minister for energy and environment would ban lights in and around stores and other public buildings between 1am and 7am. The energy-saving ban, scheduled to take effect in July, would affect the... More »

Paris Tweens Get Their SexyEdBack

Frank exhibit touches on everything from how to kiss to icky feelings

(Newser) - Worried that the French approach to sex education isn't very, well, French, a new exhibit in a Paris science museum is teaching kids what happens when the lights go out in the City of Lights. The museum exposes the anatomical, biological, and mushy sentimental mysteries of sex through exhibits that... More »

2 Stories