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At Heart of Microsoft Lawsuit: 2,576 Gag Orders

Company wants to tell customers when feds are snooping

(Newser) - Microsoft sued the Justice Department Thursday in a case that will test broad principles of privacy in the digital age. But the root of the complaint is far more specific: Microsoft says the feds have demanded access to customer data 5,624 times in the past 18 months— and 2,... More »

Gag Order on Kids? Wake Up, Fracking Industry

In settlement, family's young children ordered to keep silent

(Newser) - An unusual legal settlement now getting national attention is yet another example of why the fracking industry has such a lousy reputation, writes Loren Steffy at Forbes . The story first came to light courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette , which reported on a $750,000 settlement for Chris and Stephanie Hallowich... More »

Afghanistan Forbids Reports on Election Violence

Karzai government says gag will 'control the negative impact of the media'

(Newser) - The Afghan government ordered journalists to stay silent on any insurgent attacks that may happen during the presidential election Thursday, the Guardian reports. The gag order is necessary in order “to encourage people and raise their morale to come out and vote,” said a spokesman for President Karzai.... More »

Apple Sought Gag Deal Over Exploding iPod

(Newser) - Apple tried to silence an angry British father and daughter with a gag order after the girl's iPod Touch exploded and "went 10 feet in the air," said the dad. The company offered a full refund of $275 for the music player, but only if the two agreed... More »

Docs Turn to 'Gag Orders' to Choke Bad Web Reviews

(Newser) - An explosion of online forums for the discussion and rating of physicians has doctors fighting back, the Washington Post reports. Afraid of negative—perhaps spurious—reviews on the Web, some MDs are denying care unless a patient signs a non-disclosure agreement. Though opponents call the agreements “illegal, unenforceable, and... More »

Court Nixes Gag Order in Britney Case

Paparazzi dangerous, but 1st Amendment protects them

(Newser) - Britney Spears will get no help from LA's family court in dodging the paparazzi, People reports. The commissioner overseeing her custody case today declined her lawyers' request for a gag order. Spears' legal team had requested a media blackout because the hordes of photographers were "dangerous" to the troubled... More »

6 Stories